Deace: More and more Americans are realizing that Dr. Fauci is not their friend

Increasing skepticism and even anger about the long-standing COVID-19 advisory role of Dr. Anthony Fauci have filled social media in recent days.

Sure, some of us have been pointing out the need to rid the White House and the nation of his presence for nearly a year now, but it turns out Fauci’s latest calls for double masking and remaining locked down even after getting vaccinated have pushed a new segment of Americans over the edge.

And to that, I say, “Amen.”

More and more people simply want their damn country back and resent that the so-called “experts” seem to be addicted to either doubling down on failure or mandating increasingly hysterical and obtuse remedies that would make Rube Goldberg machines blush.

It’s a lot more than mere resentment, though. So many people have been hurt in mind, body, and soul by Fauci’s arrogant and inconsistent medical meanderings. Among the costs: Their ability to provide for themselves and their family. Their ability to worship and speak freely. Their ability to receive an education. Their ability to flourish in athletics and the arts. And perhaps most of all, their ability to trust one another as fellow citizens.

It might be years before we realize how busted we truly are, as both individuals and a community, because of Fauci’s perverse Frankenstein act. The claim that he is a healer is a farce that grows day by day. Instead, he has specialized in growing hopeless zombies and goose-stepping minions in his lab of nonsense.

There needs to be accountability after a year of such needless overreach and arrogance. Somebody has to pay. Because this all could have been different if we had learned the right lessons nearly a year ago when people like Idaho’s Sara Brady were among the first to fall victim to Fauci’s paranoia-inducing spell.

She’s the mom who was arrested in April of 2020 for the high crime of playing on a playground with her kids and now continues to wait in limbo for a trial to address her trespassing charge as she amasses growing attorney fees.

Brady had been at the park for barely five minutes before police arrived at the behest of a Karen Supreme who simply couldn’t tolerate the freedom being enjoyed right in front of her as she cowered in her car eating lunch. And so it was that two young children saw their mother handcuffed right in front of them by the inheritor of Barney Fife’s limp pistol and tin-can badge.

“Unfortunately for the officer and the state of Idaho, they arrested a woman who will fight until she has no breath left in her,” said Tim Brady, Sara’s husband. “What a lot of people don’t know, especially those that have taken time out of their lives to criticize, threaten, harass and stalk her and our family is that she is the wife of a police officer. To add insult to injury, I have worked with the officer that arrested my wife several times throughout my 19-year law enforcement career.”

Yeah, you heard that right. A cop is so fed up by the abuses of power destroying our nation that he is now speaking up without apology. Because this is about far more than just his wife. Fauci isn’t supposed to be our model or our muse for how government works, nor how America’s citizens are to be respected and served.

“I have to hope that law enforcement’s role with the tyrannical orders and edicts over the past year are the minority,” Tim said. “I fear that the profession I love will someday in the future force me to leave because I won’t participate in destroying my nation. The next time you hear or see a story about the abuse of law enforcement power, please remember there are those who are still out there fighting for what is right. Vowing to uphold the oaths we have taken.”

This is the chaos and purposelessness Fauci and company have wrought, as whatever oaths they once took, Hippocratic or otherwise, have been forgotten or perverted. Where a cop’s faith in his noble profession, as well as his own respect for authority, are hanging by a thread as he saw roughly 400 inmates released from his local prison due to COVID, making room behind bars for the likes of his wife for daring to get some fresh air.

Enough. That’s what we should have said then. And that’s what we must say now.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a traitor to the cause of freedom, whether they understand that or not. So wake up. Fauci isn’t your friend. He’s a fiend. His time as the diabolical moral and medical compass of our nation is a permanent scar on the land.

For God’s sake, enough.

CtC-educated Americans downsize Leviathan with complete refunds of everything taken from them as income taxes; and Donald Boudreaux explains why he believes in ‘Covid Derangement Syndrome’.

CtC-Educated Americans Continue To Uphold The Rule Of Law!

…and continue to shrink the ever-more rogue, ever-more dangerous Leviathan state.

AS ALL OF YOU WILL BE VERY CONSCIOUS, for the last year I have been focused almost exclusively on the raging fires of the C19 pretense, including (among others):

  • the absurd contrivances meant to give this relatively insignificant virus the appearance of a dire threat before which all else must give way;

  • the absurd and universally illegal “remediation” edicts by which Kool-Aid-drinking Americans are made perpetually off-balance, distracted and blind to the totalitarianism to which they are being acclimated;

  • the crass and possibly sinister exploitation of an engineered demand for “vaccines” against the ridiculously overblown problem;

  • the recent election fraud for the accomplishment of which the C19 pretenses were leveraged and by which a buffoonish and deeply-flawed president who is nonetheless un-coopted into this particular hobgoblin was replaced with one entirely coopted into these pretenses and the agendas they serve; and

  • the extremely sinister aggregation of most wide-reach media into monolithic agency on behalf of the narratives supporting all of the above and active suppression of competing or contradictory views, no matter how well-grounded.

These intense barrages of propaganda and corruption have opened hemorrhages by which America is being bled-out before our eyes.

The stakes in our management of these assaults are as high as they can be. Allowed to continue, the proposition that “official” declaration of a public health crisis can legitimize any one or all of the already-issued infringements or diktats regarding travel, commerce, assembly, equipage, bodily integrity, dissent, or any looming in the future will mean the utter ruin of the great American experiment in recognizing individual sovereignty as the only proper political principle upon which legitimate government can be organized.

HOWEVER, AS MUCH AS THE AFORE-MENTIONED ASSAULTS remain the most immediate concern upon which American attention should be focused, it’s also “tax time”. That coincidence brings into better view one of the key opportunities ready at hand for all Americans wanting to stand up on behalf of the rule of law and, at a minimum, stop paying for the assaults to which they and their way of life are being subjected.

I speak, of course, of every Americans’ opportunity to properly invoke the law regarding the income tax and retain all of their earnings or recover money taken from them under the fictional (and frankly, ridiculous) notion that their grandparents inexplicably sold themselves and their descendants into tax serfdom in 1913.

As used to be my frequent practice until more pressing matters pushed it aside, today we’re going to celebrate another batch of good American men and women doing exactly that important work, and enjoy the evidence of their accomplishments.

LET’S START WITH Ryan MacCubbin. Over the last few months Ryan has added to his previous victories with another three complete refunds of everything taken from his earnings and given over to New Mexico under his workplace’s mistaken notion that Ryan’s activities were taxable. Here are Ryan’s latest victories in standing up for the rule of law, in the order secured:


Here is the filing that secured this complete refund last August.


Here is the filing that secured this complete refund last September, after a little balkiness by New Mexico, answered with this statement by Ryan.


Here is the filing that secured this complete refund two weeks ago, after a little balkiness by New Mexico, answered with this statement by Ryan.



Kevin Dacey has also been standing up for the law, and shares his victory securing a complete refund of everything taken from him and given over to Uncle Sam during 2019– Social security, Medicare and all–, plus interest:

Here is the filing by which Kevin secured this refund.



David Spiller has also secured a complete refund from Uncle Sam of everything taken in 2019, FICA and all, plus interest:

Here is David’s filing.



WE’RE GOING TO FINISH today’s accolades with two rather unusual CtC-educated victories for the rule of law. First there is the victory five weeks or so ago by Andrew MacTaggart over Pennsylvania’s claim that Andrew owed taxes on his 2019 earnings.

The story begins with Andrew’s 2019 Pennsylvania filing, which can be seen here. You will note that Andrew had had nothing withheld and given to the state, and so claimed no refund, but did rebut claims by those for whom he worked in 2019 that he had been paid $77K+ in tax-relevant “wages” and self-assessed accordingly: $0. You will also note that unlike the typical educated filing Andrew precedes his return with a very explicit statement, and even had his express rebuttal of the erroneous characterization of his earnings sworn and notarized.

These unusual (and, truth be told, unnecessary) steps are reflective of the fact that in past years, Andrew had been met with seriously balky and games-playing bureaucrats at the Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue. Forewarned is forearmed.

Indeed, as expected, after a long delay under the pretense of the “C19 crisis”, the PADOR responded to Andrew’s filing with a “Personal Income Tax Billing Notice” asserting a tax due (with penalty) of $2,604.31:

Andrew was ready with what can only be described as a “leave no stone unturned” Biblical-grade riot-act recital. This recital was intended to make unmistakable to the doubtless shocked bureaucrat receiving it that Andrew was gimlet-eyed and utterly empty of all patience with agency nonsense. (One thing that had characterized the dodges to which the agency had resorted before was a studied difficulty in understanding Andrew’s statements, leading to a suspicion that the only way to ensure that no cracks existed through which the agency might feel it could slip was to say everything.)

Silence reigned for a while after Ander’s October 30, 2020 response to the PADOR’s first shot at browbeating him into throwing up his hands with its unsupported and presumptive assertions. Then on December 29, 2020, the agency took a second shot, upping the ante with the claim this time of an actual “assessment” (and a slight uptick in the “penalty” amount):

 Again, Andrew took out the megaphone and called down fire from the Heavens. This time the message got through. Less than two weeks after Andrew mailed his second response to the PADOR’s second venture into intimidation, Pennsylvania surrendered:

Andrew now has his first completed Pennsylvania victory to accompany his several federal victories. WELL DONE, ANDREW!!


FINALLY, THERE IS THE victory-in-progress of David and Valerie Denning. David and Valerie have many victories posted on these pages, none of which have been problems for these good folks. This time, though, the folks processing their federal return for 2019 decided to play games.

Here’s David and Valerie’s filing— a typical CtC-educated affair, showing no “income” received, no tax due, accordingly– and a total of $14,455.00 withheld in error and hereby reclaimed. Here is the bizarre and plainly corrupt IRS response David and Valerie received this past December:

A proper admission of no tax owed, so WELL DONE, DAVID & VALERIE! But an outrageous pretense that nothing had been withheld and therefore nothing was due to be refunded to David and Valerie! (See the whole notice here.)

Where do they get these people? Under rocks?

David and Valerie promptly shot out a pointed response. It is to be expected that their property will be returned without too much further delay, and with appropriate interest, but I think it will be a long time before their view of federal bureaucracies improves.


ALL-IN-ALL, HATS VERY MUCH OFF to Ryan, Kevin, David, Andrew and David & Valerie! These great victories join those of the tens of thousands of other awakened and activated Americans represented here. Each constitutes another critical step toward the restoration of the Founders republic and the true rule of law.

Don’t you wish your victories were proudly posted, too?

It’s easy. Stand up on behalf of the law, and then share the evidence.

That’s all there is to it!

BTW, DON’T YOU WISH YOUR INSPIRING BEING-THE-STORM VIDEO was posted, too, like David and Valerie’s? This is easy to do, and very important (plus it can get you some great LHC swag!). See (and carefully read in their entirety) these guidelines and encouragements.

Remember, it’s all about upholding the law, and that is YOUR responsibility. Awakening others to this high and honorable duty is the best way to make it happen.

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson

“The Tax Code represents the genius of legal fiction… The IRS has never really known why people pay the income tax… The IRS encourages voluntary compliance, through FEAR.”

-Jack Warren Wade Jr., former IRS officer in charge of the IRS Nationwide Revenue Officer Training Program, in his book ‘When You Owe The IRS’

All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

-I. F. Stone

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