How This 4-Year-Old Gave Her Mother a Lesson in Spiritual Warfare


“There’s something scary in my room, Daddy.”

“Mama! Daddy! I see an angel!”

“Jesus came to my room last night, Mommy.”

Many of us hear words like these from our young children, prophetic intercessor, ministry leader and podcast host Rebecca Greenwood says.

“A lot of children when they’re born, they do see, they do hear in the spirit realm,” she tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelineson the Charisma Podcast Network.

Greenwood says her daughter Kendall, now 30, is a seer who showed evidence of this gift from her early years of childhood.

“I have angels,” 4-year-old Kendall told her mother one day. “You have angels. Daddy has an angel, the twins, Mama—they have angels, Mama. Mama, those angels help us.

“Mama, those angels, they have a big pointy, shiny thing. … Mama, they hold it in their hand. And Mama, do you know what they do?”

“I said, ‘No, baby, what?'” Greenwood says.

“Mama, when those demons come, the angels take that pointy, shiny thing and they swing it,” Greenwood explains, adding that her children never watched anything violent or demonic, so “you knew that you knew that you knew” she was seeing in the supernatural realm.

“She made this sound like someone swinging a sword … And she said, ‘Mama, they help us like that,'” Greenwood recalls. “‘And Mommy, you know what happens? … Those demons disappear.'”

Greenwood says she thought, Oh my goodness. Here’s a spiritual warfare, one-on-one lesson by a 4-year-old.

This experience with her daughter—among many others—has moved Greenwood to encourage other parents not to discount but to encourage what the Lord does through their giftings, even at a very young age.

To hear more from Rebecca about this spiritual aspect of parenting as well as much more on her life as a prophetic intercessor, listen to the entire episode of the Greenelines podcast here. Subscribe to Greenelines on your favorite platform, and be sure to check out Greenwood’s own podcast, Victorious Prophetic Warfare, also on the Charisma Podcast Network.



How God Is Humbling ‘Christian’ America


You may be asking yourself, “What is going on?” Perhaps you thought when you went to the polls and cast your vote for a president who upheld many Christian values and stood against the slaughter of innocent babies everything would be OK. Perhaps you thought life would go on as normal.

But things didn’t go quite as expected, and now you’re wondering, What is going on, God?

At least that was part of my line of questioning for God. And I heard the same thing in the Spirit I have been hearing for months: It is time for the complacent church to wake up! For too long, American Christians have had it easy. We could afford to grow complacent as long as the government was attempting to uphold our Christian values. We could cast our vote for the “good guy” and go on with our lives feeling as if we had done our part.

We have tried to depend on those in the White House to hold back sin in America while we hang out in our comfort zones lifting the occasional prayer for our nation. We have grown very comfortable. Outside of the random social media taunts and mockery, not many of us have faced a lot of persecution here in “Christian America.”

Oh, yes, we have prayed for the persecuted who have suffered and even died for sharing the gospel in other countries, but we have remained in our cozy recliners and allowed sin to take over in America because it’s someone else’s job.

It seems that many ministers have become more obsessed with how many people they can get into their church pews than how many souls they can get into heaven. Many have stopped speaking truth for fear of offending people and causing them to leave the church. But what good is it to have a church full of lost people on their way to hell? And yet, we wonder why our churches are powerless and poorly attended?

For more, read the rest of this article at and listen to Navigating Life in the Spirit on the Charisma Podcast Network.