Exposing the vaccine hustle; Kamala Harris’s awkward problem; and the REAL reason for the attack on Dr. Seuss

Exposing The Vaccine Hustle

The facts plainly show the relative irrelevance of even real C19 vaccines (should anyone come up with one) and the truth behind the exploitative “vaccine rollout”.

LET’S START WITH how vaccines work– it’s pretty simple and very common-sense. No rocket science involved.

When an alien organism such as a virus invades a person, that person’s immune system detects the invasion, analyzes the organism, and designs and produces a cure– antibodies– with which it destroys the invader. The cure design goes on file in the system’s hard drive and that person has become immune to that alien organism (or any other of closely-similar nature).

The immunized person is incapable of becoming infected or contagious with the targeted pathogen, because every representative of that organism that finds its way into the body is killed by immediately-produced, custom-equipped antibodies cranked out by the incomprehensibly sophisticated biochemical factory of a human body.

At least, this is what happens if the immune system has time enough to do its work.

Sometimes immune systems are compromised (either directly due to long periods of isolation from other people, or indirectly due to the impact on all systems of a dangerous pre-existing condition, such as obesity, COPD, and so forth). Some invading organisms are highly aggressive. In these cases incursion, entrenchment and multiplication can take place too quickly for the immune system to do its work; the person is either successfully treated with an externally-administered “cure” that inhibits the invader long enough for the immune system to catch up and do its job, or dies.

Diseases thought of as inherently dangerous or deadly (meaning serious threats to otherwise healthy people if not treatable with an effective externally-administered cure) are so due to being of the fast-moving sort (with “fast” being a relative term, btw, meaning “faster than the typical immune system can mount its successful defense, due either to the invader’s subtlety or its very rapid replication”). Such diseases left untreated, will kill a significant number of the people they infect.

The real problem with such aggressive invasive diseases, then, is one of timing (assuming a normal healthy immune system). Such diseases don’t give the immune system enough time to do its necessary analysis and design before the person is too thoroughly or pervasively infected for antibodies to either be successfully produced or deployed. This is the problem solved by vaccines.

VACCINES ARE PRE-EMPTIVE PROMPTS to the immune system to undertake its analysis and design tasks BEFORE an aggressive, overwhelming invasion by the dangerous pathogen. The prompting is done by introducing into the body a reduced-threat representative of the targeted pathogen– one which is weakened or even dead, or is introduced into an inhospitable area.

The controlled introduction inhibits aggressive replication of the pathogen while the immune system does its analysis and put its custom-defense design on file. Once that design is on file, the threat from that pathogen is over, then and into the future. The needed antibodies will be immediately produced should the pathogen invade, denying it any chance to gain a foothold.

Vaccines simply buy their recipients a little time, allowing those recipients to become immune just as if they had fought off an invading pathogen without the help. Everyone immunized by a vaccine becomes incapable of being infected or contagious by the targeted pathogen– just like people who achieved immunity by fighting off an inadvertent infection, with or without externally-administered treatments of some kind.

The protection will last some period between five years and a lifetime. Short-span protection (the five-year+ variety) will be extended every time one is exposed to the same (or a very similar) pathogen during its pendency, at which the design-file is pulled into RAM, antibodies are produced, and the “retain in memory” timer is thereby reset.

SO, HERE IS THE POINT of this recital:



With Sleepy Joe Nodding Out, Kamala Harris’s Awkward Citizenship Problem Becomes Acute

…and no one should let the Obama “Birther” business function as a pre-emptive poison pill for this very real legal issue.

MORE THAN TWELVE YEARS AGO the issue of the “citizenship” qualification for high office in the United States got kicked around ad nauseam in regard to Barack Obama, who was argued by some (Hillary Clinton campaign people, to begin with, it would seem) to be unqualified due to having purportedly been born in Kenya, the country of his father. That issue in Obama’s case was always murky, at best, since his mother was, after all, a native-born American and Obama’s claim of having been born in Hawaii was never dispositively disputed despite Herculean efforts by some of his political opponents..

I  mention the murky and quirky “citizenship” attack on Obama from way back when in order to clear the air before getting to the crystal-clear citizenship problem of Kamala Harris. In a perfectly natural reflex, anyone seeing the issue of citizenship qualification for office raised will assume that a mere rerun of the Obama attack is being fielded, and isn’t likely to read on. But in fact, the two cases are as different as night and day, and the matter of qualification for office is very serious, so don’t turn away, please.

Read the legal analysis through (reproduced, combined, and slightly updated below from its original appearance on these pages here and here). If then you wish to deem the matter not worthy of further attention, so be it, but not before gaining an understanding of the argument, please.

The Issue Of Kamala Harris’s Eligibility For Office

I’VE RECENTLY SEEN CLAIMS that Kamala Harris, while born in the USA, is the child of non-citizens in America merely on student visas. If so, then she is not qualified to be vice-president, or even senator, for that matter.

We’ll begin with an analysis of the “birthright citizenship” notion itself. Then we’ll apply what has been shown to the specifics of Kamala Harris’ birth circumstances.

A CHILD OF NON-CITIZEN PARENTS does not acquire citizenship simply by being born on American soil– myths about so-called “birthright citizenship” notwithstanding. The law on this is perfectly clear and unambiguous, and the pretense to the contrary relies entirely upon the glossing-over of inconvenient and contradictory words in the Fourteenth Amendment.

In this case, the phrase “or naturalized” is the one conveniently disregarded, as though its presence has no impact on the meaning of the citizenship clause. But that phrase– which translates as, “or granted citizenship”– is actually the key to the meaning of the clause (or, at least, the key to untangling misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the clause).

Here is the complete language of the amendment, in relevant part:



The Real Reason For The Attack On Dr. Seuss

Geisel’s work is not racist– the idea is a deliberate lie. In fact, Geisel’s work is powerfully anti-racist. But it is also powerfully anti-socialist, anti-military-industrial-complex, anti-conformist and pro-liberty.

LAST WEEK WE WERE TREATED to the latest (or one of the many latest) examples of apparent “woke” insanity with the announcement that Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel) was being chucked down the memory hole. It seems the good doctor has been found to have larded his children’s books with racism.

Who would’ve ever imagined that! Hugely popular during the formative years of those born in the Western World from 1940 or so onward, Seuss’s work– whatever its message– was plainly influential. Those influenced thereby marched and politicked on behalf of the civil rights movements of the 1960s and beyond (and intermarried at ever-increasing rates, and welcomed increasing diversity in entertainment and neighborhoods, and displayed the opposite of racism in every other possible way).

You’d have thought that if Seuss were communicating racism the exact opposite would have happened…

THE FACT IS, THE DR. SEUSS CATALOG has been one of the most influential ANTI-racist forces in recent history. But it is also one of the most influential anti-bullshit forces in recent history. For example, Seuss’s book The Sneetches is powerfully anti-racist. But it is also powerfully anti-racism-hustle, and THAT’S why the “woke” community and its managers don’t like it.

Seuss’s other books draw fire for the same reasons. Leaving aside the content-free Hop on Pop, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and The Cat in the Hat introduction-to-reading fare, Seuss delivers trenchant analyses and debunks of socialism, militarism, and authoritarianism through his books, with the concision of wit and wisdom second to none.

Again, being oriented toward, and accessible by, a very young audience (and being initially presented to that young audience by loving parents in what is, for every child, among the very best times of each day), Seuss’s valuable lessons have more traction and durability than most any other ideological offering. Even the best efforts of government school teachers to push social justice claptrap into the mind of a kid who cut his or her teeth on Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose are going to find it a tough slog.

Likewise, the national-security state pretexts relied upon by the war-mongers and their armament clients will always lose in a voter well-versed in The Butter Battle Book. Officious authoritah stands naked in the town square to eyes that have soaked up Bartholomew Cubbins and the Oobleck (or many other titles), and pressures to conform are trampled flat beneath the heavy feet of Who-hearing Horton.




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