This Simple Mistake May Be Hindering Your Goals and Dreams


If you are not careful, you can hinder your forward movement, impede your progress and negate the plans that God has for your life! The Bible reminds us that we are to be sober and vigilant because our adversary, the devil, is walking around seeking whom he many devour (see 1 Pet. 5:8) This scripture reminds us that the enemy is looking for any door in our lives where he can gain access, come in and wreak havoc.

When we give place to the devil (Eph. 4:27) because of strife and contention, we are oftentimes unknowingly losing ground. If you’ve ever felt that it was taking far too long to accomplish your goals and dreams, it could be because there are unresolved issues, demonic activities, or works of the flesh operating in the background to stop you.

The Bible says that God “gives more grace” to the humble (see James 4:6). Humility is required if you are going to achieve success in your endeavors because it will ward off the spirit of pride. When pride is in operation, the doors are open for works of the flesh manifesting such as strife and contention. A sure way to block the grace of God from operating in your life is by allowing the spirit of strife to take precedence. Strife is a sin issue that will hinder your forward movement tremendously.

When the enemy invites you to his game, do not show up to play!

Nehemiah is a perfect example of someone who was on a mission to achieve a goal and did not allow strife and contention to break his focus and hinder him. He was able to achieve his goal in record time because he did not “come down from his wall of purpose” to play the “strife game.” Nehemiah even prayed for His enemies.

The devil wants you to get your eyes off the majors and focus on the minors. You must be able to “discern” exactly what you should be doing in this season of your life without allowing yourself to be distracted. If you become distracted and get into strife and contention, you leave an open door for your adversary to come in and discredit you.

Jesus would often slip away when the people, particularly the religious rulers, wanted to strive with or bring harm to Him. He knew when to “back off,” so to speak. There were times when He would even tell His followers and those He healed to keep the miracles He performed a secret for the purpose of not stirring up the religious rulers because it was not His time to go to the cross. Jesus could not afford for those circumstances to interrupt the schedule of God and hinder Him from completing His ultimate assignment.

Your discernment must be on high alert because your adversary will even employ “spiritual people” to use their words to distract you. In Nehemiah’s situation, even the prophets were being used by the enemy to prophesy lies to distract him from his goal. Haven’t we witnessed enough of this in the body of Christ lately? He that has an ear let him hear …

God wants us to obtain our God-ordained goals and dreams, but we miss it when we sin, wandering from the Word, message, purpose, and plan that God has originally given us. Strife and contention have been designed by the enemy to get us off course!

Recently, I entered a business relationship with a Christian entity that made many promises, and over time many of those promises had not been fulfilled. Having been in business for a while, and having invested literally tens of thousands of dollars in my business, it greatly perplexed me when I discovered there are those who don’t deliver on their promises. These same people will even expect you to uphold your end of the bargain while floundering on their side of things.

As a businesswoman, if I allow it to, this can cause my spirit to be vexed and can open the door to being argumentative and combative—contentious even. I have a right to fight for what belongs to me, don’t I? But first and foremost a child of God, I must remember to always keep the unity in the faith as my number one goal, even if I feel I am getting the short end of the stick.

I’m discovering more and more how to live through it, learn from it and keep moving forward.

The enemy would love to keep the church divided and in strife. These “spots and wrinkles” keep us from manifesting as the bride God has called us to be. Whether it’s through policies and politics, differences and doctrines, or privileges and preferences, the enemy will use any avenue he can to gain access and keep us from completing the goals and dreams God has assigned for our lives.

You have got to be determined to:

— Stay focused.

— Keep moving forward.

— Drive your purpose.

— Go full speed ahead.

— Don’t look to the left or to the right.

— Don’t let anything or anyone hinder you from getting your message to the masses.

Listen to this episode of my podcast titled Hindering Your Goals & Dreams so that you can be inspired to stop hindering yours.



Prophecy: Do Not Fear the Earthquake


As I was spending time with the Lord, He said, “Tell My people not to fear the earthquake. The ground is shaking all around, but that does not mean that I am not at work. Through the shaking, I am exposing weak foundations.”

As the Lord continued to speak, He took me to Matthew 7:24-27 (NLT):

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

Realignment and Rebuilding of Foundations

The Lord says, “There are many who thought they built their homes (beliefs) on the solid rock. However, as the shaking has come, their foundation has cracked, and for some, it has crumbled.”

I saw people sitting around looking at the ruins. Hopelessness is lurking about, and for some, it is sitting right beside them. Some are sifting through, trying to find treasures and memories that they can hang on it. However, they are not looking forward; they are stuck in the moment. Others are angry and demanding an explanation for the shaking. And yet, all they hear is silence.

To this group, the Lord is saying, “It is time to shift your focus. Your eyes must look to me and not to human wisdom and understanding. Since when does man limit me? I am not confined to a timeframe. As you refocus, you will find your ruined foundations are rebuilt and built on the bedrock of my faithfulness rather than on the foolishness of man.”

The Lord then took me to Nehemiah 4:17: “the laborers carried on their work with one hand supporting their load and one hand holding a weapon.” The Lord says that “As you are rebuilding your foundation, you need to take up your weapon at the same time.”

Rock Solid Foundations

As I continue to look around, I also see people who are standing steadfast and secure. The ground is shaking, but they are unshakable. They were more like the watchmen on the wall (see Isaiah 62:6; Ezekiel 3:17-19, 33:6) ever vigilant. Some are calling out what they see, encouraging others and helping rebuild. However, others remain silent. They are looking, watching, and waiting but hesitant to speak.

To this group, I hear the Lord sounding a battle cry. I see the captain of the army sounding the battle cry and rallying the troops. To those who have been silent, the Lord says, “open your mouth, and He will fill it” (see Ps. 81:10). It is time for the watchmen to take up battle positions.

The Crescendo of the Roar

I see a picture of the Lord struck the ground with a sword. Each time He hits the ground, the roar of the warrior’s increases. Those who have been silent are beginning to roar. The voices are joining together in a crescendo.

Again, the Lord says to remind the people, “Do not despair. Am I not the great I AM? Is anything too difficult for me? Your focus must be on me. I am the one who set the moon and stars in the sky. I am the one who created the earth and everything in it. Is anything too difficult for me? Why are you discouraged and downcast? Why do you doubt my word? What I have decreed will come to pass. Trust me with the timing. Trust me with the outcome.”

Finding Alignment

— Spend time with Holy Spirit and inspect your foundation and the land on which you built.

— Make the necessary repairs and adjustments (be sure to repent).

— Adjust your wardrobe. Dress for work and battle.

— Remove the tape from over your mouth. Look to God; listen to His direction, and follow His lead.

— Enter into his presence with Thanksgiving.

— Begin to release your roar as you worship, and let that roar spill over into the core of your being.


Heavenly Father, we ask your forgiveness for the areas of our lives where our foundation has been unsteady and faulty. Thank you for your truth and that you pull us back on track. At this very moment, we shift our focus back on to you, and we pick up our weapons of warfare. We commit not to battle according to the world’s standard but to listen to our commander-in-chief and do battle from heaven’s perspective. We hear the call to be in the war room, and we will strategize with you. We decree and declare that nothing is impossible for our God. The war has not been lost. There is a massive victory in the air.

Ruth Hendrickson is an ordained pastor, itinerant speaker, ministry trainer, and board-certified biblical counselor who has extensive experience in the development, training, and oversight of emotional healing ministry teams, recovery ministries, prophetic ministry, prayer ministries, and women’s ministry. In addition, she is a course facilitator for Patricia King Institute and Charisma courses. She writes for Elijah List and Charisma and has a podcast titled Real Truth with Ruth. Through biblically based teachings and practical applications infused with love and laughter, her goal is to introduce people not only to the living God who saves but also to the God who desires an intimate relationship with each one of us. Her latest book, Everyday Prophetic, will help you find the prophetic voice that God has given you. Visit her at her website at or find her on Facebook and listen to her podcast Real Truth with Ruth.