78-year-old grandma can dead lift 400 pounds, has set 19 world records

(Courtesy of Nora Langdon)

April 1, 2021 

Detroit grandmother has caught national attention for setting multiple world records in powerlifting.

Nora Langdon, 78, says her journey began when she decided to get in shape and took up powerlifting at age 65.

“You just have to put your mind to it. Your mind and your body and be consistent. As long as you’re consistent you can do it,” Langdon told FOX2.

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Nora Langdon, 78, with coach Art Little. (Courtesy of Nora Langdon)

Langdon’s coach, Art Little, told the outlet that he’ll never forget the day she walked in and asked if she could try weight lifting.

“She watched us getting ready for a powerlifting meet and asked a question I’ll never forget it: ‘Do you have any old broads doing that?’” Little told FOX2. “And I said, ‘Yeah.’ She came and watched us at the meet and said she wanted to do it.”

Despite her age, Langdon quickly proved that she wasn’t going to let something as small as a number stand in her way.

Now, she deadlifts nearly 400 pounds (181 kg), squats 380 pounds (172 kg), and can bench press as much as 185 pounds (84 kg), the report said.

(Courtesy of Nora Langdon)

Langdon’s passion for powerlifting is evident from the fact that she has set 19 world records for her age group, according to the report.

“She’s really been an asset to the gym, and to me, and to the whole powerlifting field,” Little told the outlet. “To see somebody at that age doing what she’s doing it’s a blessing.”

“She just keeps breaking her own records.”

Epoch Times Photo
Nora Langdon, then 76, deadlifting at the APF National Championship in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on June 14, 2019. (Courtesy of Nora Langdon)

The determined powerlifter has no intention of slowing down and says anyone can get in shape, no matter their age.

“Get up off that couch, go walking, walk a mile starting, then you can end up with five miles,” she told the outlet. “You just have to be consistent and keep doing it.”

(Courtesy of Nora Langdon)

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