Never use these toxic supermarket toothpastes

Never use these toxic supermarket toothpastes

When you think about buying toothpaste from your grocery store, you probably aren’t thinking about all the toxic chemicals that could be lurking inside. And that doesn’t just mean store brands. Even the name-brand toothpaste, like Crest and Colgate, is not nearly as good for you as your dentist may be leading you to believe.

Triclosan, for example, is a popular ingredient in many types of toothpaste. Its primary use, according to the FDA, is to prevent bacterial growth. The FDA admits that recent studies on the ingredient have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation in animals, but continues to state that it is not yet known to be hazardous to humans.

That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Well, it wouldn’t be — if triclosan hadn’t initially been registered as a pesticide with the EPA in 1969. Somewhere along the way, it went from being a classified pesticide to being present in all types of clothing, kitchenware, soaps, toothpaste, and other body care products.

Triclosan actually has been found to be harmful to humans by several scientific studies, which have linked it to heart failure, heart disease, muscle impairments, and disrupted hormone regulation.

As if that isn’t scary enough, sodium fluoride — which is even added to most water supplies — is also quite toxic to humans. Added under the guise of boosting the strength of our teeth, sodium fluoride is a known neurotoxin that can come with severe side effects. A study published in 2014 by The Lancet Neurology systematically reviewed major industrial chemicals that function as neurotoxins. Among them was fluoride, which is one of several identified chemicals that were explicitly linked to the rising rates of autism, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments in children. The researchers artfully referred to the situation as a “pandemic of neurotoxicity.” They also go on to call out the United States regulatory agencies for not requiring safety testing on industrial chemicals like sodium fluoride, and also for requiring an incredible high proof of harm before stepping in to impose regulation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural toothpaste alternatives on the market today. In addition to things like baking soda or activated charcoal, oil pulling is becoming an increasingly popular choice for alternative dental health. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that uses pure oil swished around in the mouth to draw out toxins. Oil pulling is a great addition to an all-natural oral hygiene routine.

Why Gretchen Whitmer Sent Sick People Into Nursing Homes Last Spring

No, it was NOT just an act of stupidity or panic…

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

ON APRIL 15, 2020, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued “Executive Order 2020-50“, under the terms of which people infected with respiratory illnesses declared to be ‘COVID-19’ (C19) were transferred from hospitals into nursing homes across the state. Those nursing homes, of course, were filled with residents especially vulnerable to fatal outcomes from exposure to such dangers due to age and co-morbidities typical to the elderly.

The transfers were engineered despite the fact that normal overall hospital capacity was never “overwhelmed” by C19 cases. What’s more, dedicated field hospital facilities had been built (at enormous expense) to provide enormous additional capacity where the infected seniors could be cared for properly while being prudently isolated.

Those field hospitals were essentially ignored. They never saw more than a couple of dozen beds occupied, and even that little use was just for show, and not because the pre-existing hospital inventory was overtaxed. But they were there and available.

No credible reason of need existed for the transfer of the infected people into nursing homes like an army of Typhoid Marys. Nonetheless, that’s what happened.

As was entirely predictable, large numbers of affected nursing home residents proceeded to die of respiratory illnesses– every one of which was reported as being a C19 fatality. As of mid-June, 2020, the reported deaths in nursing homes comprised at least 34% of the total deaths ascribed to C19 in Michigan.

In fact, that percentage maybe even higher. Serious questions remain as to the possible low-balling of that nursing home fatality figure due to quirky rules about how designated nursing home residents outside of the facilities for some reason after becoming infected (such as hospitalization) are accounted for by the state, and because of Whitmer’s unexplained intransigence on the release of data.

SO WHY DID WHITMER ISSUE (and renew in mid-May) an order which caused pre-mature deaths to so many Michigan citizens? Well, in light of Whitmer’s steady refusal to talk about the matter, scorn of all related FOIA requests from any quarter, being shielded from an investigation by her partisan comrade Attorney General Dana Nessel, and her having paid hush-money to her former Director of Public Health upon his departure from office not long ago, I can’t answer that question definitively.

But I can throw out some facts and do some spitballing…

LET’S START WITH some context.

As far back as mid-autumn of 2019, around the time C19 first began spreading throughout the world, efforts began which seem meant to prepare the ground for massive, unverified mail-in ballots in Michigan’s 2020 election. See this and this.

Tellingly, these efforts in Michigan were part of a nationwide project to optimize a seemingly anticipated extraordinary volume of mail-in ballot predicated on the C19 pretext– which, at that time was waiting out of sight. Especially telling, the efforts were targeted specifically at “battleground” states, indicating that they were not a general expression of political principle but in service to a specific plan of action.

By late December of 2019, the hysterical drumbeat over the virus had begun. This panic-mongering went on with increasing intensity (continuing to this day). The character and specifics of the unwinding narrative suggests the purposeful creation of an atmosphere in which widespread fear of voting in person and massive mail-in voting was inevitable.

But there was a problem. Even though C19 had reached vast numbers of Americans (and everyone else), pretty nearly nobody was dying, making the media-generated panic wide but very shallow.

The fact is, by mid-March, after what the public was endlessly told was an extraordinarily contagious virus had been spreading throughout the country for fully three and a half months, tracking the same spread of the annual flu (which originated in the same general area, shared vectors with C19 in every particular, and had infected 38,000,000 to 54,000,000 Americans by March 14 and had killed tens of thousands), C19 was proving to be a dud. Even after the CDC’s March 4 instruction to the medical profession to promiscuously declare as C19 deaths what were actually not known to be from the virus, only 97 Americans had been reported as dead from C19 (see the column on the left, in bold, which begins with the first such American death ever):

Not exactly a “run for the exits” horror fest… and so, not nearly good enough for some purposes.

On March 24, the CDC re-issued its “call ’em all C19 deaths” instruction, in even stronger terms. The number of alleged C19 fatalities began to rise a bit.

But the clock was running on the “two weeks to flatten the curve”, and people were talking about the harms to be expected from shutting down the economy for even that brief period. More was needed.

On April 6, 2020, the New York Times argued that American governments must, “learn how to frighten [people] into acting for the common good.” (The rag wisely refrained from overtly saying anything about the virtues of a “new Pearl Harbor”, doubtless realizing how awkward that could be, but that’s clearly where it was going…)

As if to illustrate the “problem” bothering the Times (and its fellow travelers), on April 15, 2020, thousands and thousands of irate Michiganders (including Doreen and me) shut down Lansing in ‘Operation Gridlock‘:

The marks were getting uncooperative and positively unruly.

Even three weeks after the CDC double-down on its sloppy-reporting instruction and Andrew Cuomo’s own, first-in-the-tainted-waters nursing-home-infection order on March 25 had caused a rapid increase in the number of ascribed C19 deaths, Michiganders hadn’t yet been terrorized into mindless capitulation to the plague narrative and gubernatorial diktats. Quite the contrary, in fact. If an agenda was in play requiring the fright recommended by the New York Times, more was apparently had to be done.

IT WAS AT THIS POINT, April 15, 2020, the day of Operation Gridlock, that Gretchen Whitmer slides out EO 2020-50 directing the insertion of people infected with C19 (or some kind of respiratory disease, anyway) into Michigan’s highly-vulnerable nursing home populations. The effect was a decided shot in the arm for Michigan’s C19-ascribed death-rate, and for acceptance of the governor’s continuing flurry of what Michigan’s Supreme Court later found to be entirely illegal executive orders (and which remain illegal under the same ruling even though now issued by Michigan’s Public Health Director).

And no surprise… When you very much want the appearance of big numbers of fatalities due to C19, what better way than to send people supposedly sick from the virus into places where people are going to die in large numbers from anything to which they are exposed, or just of old age and/or pre-existing conditions, to which you can then ascribe C19 as the cause?

Plus, it’s possible to argue (however disturbing and unforgivable it would be)– either to oneself or to others who had to be placated or brought along– that it’s all for the greater good; people had to be made very much afraid for their own good, so they would fall in line with the believed-necessary mitigations. And besides, these folks were going to go soon from one thing or another anyway, right?

ANOTHER UNSURPRISING EFFECT of EO 2020-50 and its consequences– in harmony with the continued relentless panic-mongering by the media and many officials in the federal and state government– was a massive embrace of, and seeming justification for– mail-in voting in Michigan. This absentee-ballot event– remember, the one seemingly anticipated by the Democrat lawsuits in 2019– was marked by a series of bizarre tally-activities and -abnormalities.

The abnormalities started with the shutdown of vote-counting election night while Donald Trump appeared comfortably in the lead. This was followed by odd events in the wee hours of the next morning after which Joe Biden was declared to have unexpectedly won the state after all. (See the related article below on this page.)

The oddities in Michigan played out in much the same fashion– indeed, in exactly the same fashion– as those in other battleground states.

NOW, I WANT TO REITERATE that I’m just spitballin’ here– that is, speculating. I’m not formally accusing anyone of anything, nor pretending to know what really happened, or what was in anyone’s mind.

I leave it to each reader to decide what picture has formed when the dots are all connected. But I urge everyone to have the courage and the maturity to really look at that picture, keeping in mind Edmund Burke’s wisdom:

“There is no safety for honest men but by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

-Edmund Burke

…and the cynical but knowing observation by FDR with which this article begins.

What’s been going on in America over the last 18 months is HARDBALL. It’s past time for people to awaken to that fact. Here’s some more wisdom with which to punctuate all the foregoing:

“A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.”

-Edward R. Murrow

NOTE: For a complete recital of all the significant facts related to the C19 panic-attack, see this.

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“Universal Mail-In Ballots” Are The Perfect Set-Up For Election Fraud

Those who pooh-pooh such concerns thereby mark themselves as guilty.

ELECTION FRAUD under conditions of “universal mail-in ballots” is the simplest thing. Here’s how it can be done:

A given election district (precinct, city, county, etc.) has x voters on the rolls. X— especially in urban districts– is heavily-padded with the unpurged dead and otherwise departed, and with folks who have registered but never bother to vote. The names of everyone in x are in a computer database.

By the end of election day, a portion of x who we’ll call y1 have requested and been sent absentee ballots (and probably have mailed them in)– but in theory, everyone has been sent a ballot for mail-in voting, whether requested or not. Another portion of x (we’ll call them y2) have cast ballots at the polls.

The names of everyone in both y1 and y2 are in a computer database by the end of election day.

NOW, WITHIN A FEW BUSY HOURS after the polls have closed and the number of extra votes needed has become apparent– say, by 3:00AM to 4:30AM the next day– y1 can be added to y2 and the total subtracted from x, yielding z– the number of fraudulent ballots that can be tossed into the pot, all marked for the fraudster’s candidate, without exceeding the theoretical (or plausible) maximum for the district.

Every one of these fraudulent ballots can even be associated with the name of someone on the voting rolls who did not cast a conflicting ballot, with this being especially easy if the signed envelopes in which these ballots are supposed to have been mailed to the district clerk are trashed. And all this can be done by a very small number of conspirators in the right places.

The tell-tale sign would be a spike in vote totals for the fraudsters’ favored candidate(s) in those early hours of the day after, like this, for instance:

Unfortunately for the cause of election integrity, without opposition-verified signed envelopes for every absentee ballot said to have been received, it’s hard to prove the fraud. This is especially true if the media refuses to acknowledge even the possibility of election fraud, and the official oversight responsibility is in the hands of partisans favoring the benefitting candidate, whether or not those officials are conspirators themselves.

Indeed, this is why the outcome of any election in which voter identification is not reliable is considered inherently untrustworthy.

Bottom line: mail-in ballots are risky to election integrity; massive mail-in ballots are virtually certain to yield untrustworthy results; and combined with lax voter ID requirements, massive mail-in ballots are inherently unreliable and prone, if not intended, to facilitate fraud– easy peasy, and seriously sleazy.

“All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

-I. F. Stone

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Recent badly-educated generations of Americans probably don’t realize that “capitalism” is NOT an economic “system”. Rather, it’s just a label dreamed up after the fact for the interactions and evolved institutional formalities arrived at by the spontaneous interactions of people operating as economic agents in a free market, while equipped with property rights. Nobody planned or imposed “capitalism”.

But the folks behind “the Great Reset” have plans for everyone. They mean to impose “capitalism reimagined”, which means, NOT what arises when people are free, but what takes place when people are NOT free– that is, when YOU are not free, but are, instead, a slave to those behind “the Great Reset” and their agenda.

These “Great Reset”, “Build Back Better”, “New Normal” people are the enemies of freedom– YOUR enemies. They are in the process of conquering and enslaving you and your children, and most Americans don’t even know what’s going on, due to having been kept ignorant of economics, history and civics by the early saboteurs of the assault, who occupied the American education system to prepare the ground.

They should be responded to accordingly.