Prophetic Dream: God Is Removing the Jezebels in Power From His House


I had a significant dream recently in which the Holy Spirit revealed His plans for pulling down enemy strongholds. In this dream, a throwing down of the spirit of Jezebel made way for newfound freedom to sweep through the House of God.

Where Jezebel was given access to infiltrate places of worship, a Holy Ghost course correction removed her from her man-made seat of power. In 2 Kings 9:30-37 when Jehu entered the city of Jezreel for confronting the wicked agenda of Jezebel, Jezebel’s own eunuchs facilitated her demise. The word Jezreel in Hebrew means “God will sow”—and refers to the mighty power of Immanuel conceiving or yielding His purposes in the valley of restoration. As I prayed into and studied out the context of this prophetic dream, I heard the below interpretation.

The Jezebels of the house of God is being removed from their seat of power. The Spirit of God is releasing non-negotiable contracts with Holy Ghost conditions for seizing Jezebel from her place of prominent influence. A zero-tolerance policy has been instated.

Watch for a divine coup d’etat to restore order where illegal motives have wrecked “constitutional” havoc on the pure of heart. The repairer of the breach has arrived! A dethroning of the plans of the enemy is nigh. The watchmen on the wall aren’t surprised—the Jehus have arrived!

Coup d’etat: the removal and seizer of a “government” and its power. A “stroke of state or a blow of state” for ushering in a sovereign move of power.

Jesus is the repairer of the breach for helping us rebuild and restore the gaps in our armor where enemy opposition has gained access into our camps. I found this definition of a breach through an online search. A breach; is a gap in a wall, barrier or defense. In warfare or agriculture, a breach is a place where the enemy comes in to destroy, or where the sheep break out and get lost from their place of protected security. A breach is that one weak spot in the levy that gives way to the flood.

Watch for more exposure to dethrone high-ranking officials from their seats of power. Watch for divine removals to strike a blow to public and private sectors through the power of the Holy Ghost for ushering the body of Christ, the church, governmental powers, and elected officials into their rightful and submitted place of influence.

Watch for the Jehus to fulfill the mandate of the Lord for bringing justice to the land. Watch for the casting down of idols to usher in a move of the Spirit where the one true living God is magnified and exalted throughout the entire world.

Holly Watson is a prophetic voice with a mandate to awaken the bride of Christ to her end-times identity. Her passion is to release the heart of the Father in a pure and uncompromising way while stirring this generation with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Her desire is to see every person walk in liberty and freedom in Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Holly ministers under a strong prophetic anointing and releases the healing power of the Holy Spirit under the Luke 4:18 mandate.

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10-Year-Old Refugee, Once Homeless, Becomes National Chess Master: ‘Very Happy’

Naledi Ushe

Tanitoluwa “Tani” Adewumi’s win makes him the 28th youngest person in the country to achieve that high ranking, per the U.S. Chess Federation.

Tani’s remarkable abilities as a chess player helped him and his family, refugees from Nigeria, move out of a New York City homeless shelter, according to the New York Times.

Of his latest accomplishment, the 10-year-old told NPR, “I was very happy that I won and that I got the title. I really love that I finally got it.”

Tanitoluwa Adewumi

Tani revealed he practices chess “every day” after school for 10 or 11 hours.

His next goal is becoming the world’s youngest grandmaster, he shared with NPR.

The Nigerian refugee will turn 11 this summer, meaning he has just under two years to take the title from Sergey Karjakin, the New York Times reported.

Tani became recognized in 2019 after he won the New York state chess championship for his age group, earning himself a profile in the New York Times. The accomplishment came just a year after he learned how to play chess at school while living in a homeless shelter.

His family couldn’t afford to pay his school’s chess program membership at one point, but his chess teacher waived the fees, USA Today reported at the time.

Other individuals also stepped in to support Tani’s talents.

His father set up a GoFundMe page that raised $254,448 and enabled their family to get housing and other necessities.

“Tani’s life was changed in 24 hours. Generous donors and supporters came together outside of GoFundMe and provided us with the housing, legal, and educational resources we needed,” an update to the page in April 2019 said.

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The now-10-year-old went on to write a book titled My Name Is Tani . . . and I Believe in Miracles. The book was later green-lit for a Paramount film adaption with Trevor Noah as a producer, Deadline reported in November 2019.


Warnings of ‘civil war’ as Arabs and Jews face off violently in Israel’s streets.

A building that was hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip overnight in Petah Tikva, Israel, on Thursday.

A building was hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip overnight in Petah Tikva, Israel, on Thursday.Credit…Dan Balilty for The New York Times

Clashes between Arab and Jewish mobs on the streets of Israeli cities have given way to warnings from Israeli leaders that the decades-old conflict could be careening toward civil war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the scenes of arson and violence as “anarchy” and appealed for an end to “lynchings.”

When Mr. Netanyahu visited the town of Lod, a mixed Jewish-Arab city, on Thursday, he said that the violence there was motivated by nationalistic rioters and that soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces could be brought in. The military called up 7,000 reservists and canceled leaves for all combat units.

“There is no greater threat now than these riots, and it is essential to bring back law and order with these means,” he said. Riot control measures such as water cannons and administrative arrests may also be used, he said. The police have put strict measures in place in Lod, limiting entry into the city from 5 p.m. and instituting an 8 p.m. curfew.

A day earlier, he had called the violence “unacceptable” and said, “Nothing justifies the lynching of Jews by Arabs, and nothing justifies the lynching of Arabs by Jews.”

Israel carried out more airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, where the death toll rose on Thursday to 83 people since the fighting began early this week, according to the Gaza health ministry. Palestinian militants fired volleys of rockets from Gaza — some 1,800 in three days — that reached far into Israel, where seven have died since Monday.

Early Friday, Israel added ground forces to its assault on Gaza, an escalation of the violence.

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Thursday.

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Thursday.Credit…Hatem Moussa/Associated Press

Alongside those now-familiar scenes, Jewish and Arab citizens have clashed in the worst violence in decades in Israeli cities — stoning cars, burning offices and places of worship, and forming mobs that have dragged people from their vehicles and beat them to within an inch of their lives.

Several Israeli leaders, led by President Reuven Rivlin, evoked the specter of civil war — a once-unthinkable idea.

“We need to solve our problems without causing a civil war that can be a danger to our existence, more than all the dangers we have from the outside,” Mr. Rivlin said. “The silent majority is not saying a thing, because it is utterly stunned.”

Palestinian leaders, however, said the talk of civil war was a distraction from what they see as the true cause of the unrest — police brutality against Palestinian protesters and provocative actions by right-wing Israeli settler groups.

“The police shot Arab demonstrators in Lod,” said Ahmed Tibi, the leader of the Ta’al party and a member of Israel’s Parliament, referring to the mixed Arab-Jewish city in Israel where some of the worst clashes occurred. “We don’t want bloodshed. We want to protest.”

Gaza militants and Israeli forces have been trading attacks for days now, ever since a police raid at a Jerusalem mosque atop a site revered by both Muslims and Jews.

The Israeli border police have been deployed in Arab and mixed Arab-Jewish cities in Israel, and Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered more of the forces into the streets on Thursday after another night of unrest.

Israeli soldiers patrolling the Jewish-Arab city of Lod during a nighttime curfew on Wednesday.

Israeli soldiers patrolling the Jewish-Arab city of Lod during a nighttime curfew on Wednesday.Credit…Ammar Awad/Reuters

In one seaside suburb south of Tel Aviv, dozens of Jewish extremists took turns beating and kicking a man presumed to be Arab, even as he lay motionless on the ground. To the north, in another coastal town, an Arab mob beat a man they thought was Jewish with sticks and rocks, leaving him in a critical condition. Nearby, an Arab mob nearly stabbed to death a man believed to be Jewish.

Tamer Nafar, a Palestinian rapper considered one of the symbols of Lod mourned the terrible rupture inside the community.

“Maybe we look at the word coexistence differently,” he said. “But so far there is only one side, the Jewish side.”

The Aqsa raid might have been the spark for the current round of hostilities, but the fuel was years of anger from Israel’s Arab minority, who make up about 20 percent of the population. They have full citizenship, but rights advocates say they are victims of dozens of discriminatory regulations.

“The way that we are treated is as though we shouldn’t be here,” said Diana Buttu, a Palestinian political analyst from Haifa, a city in northern Israel.

Torah scrolls, Jewish holy scriptures, are removed from a synagogue in the city of Lod, Israel (May 12, 2021)

Torah scrolls are removed from a damaged synagogue in Lod

Map showing Israel and the Gaza Strip

—Declan WalshandEric Nagourney