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Day: May 20, 2021

Church Humor

How Christians Hug With the end of the pandemic in sight, many are asking important questions. Like, how do I make eye contact with another human being? Will I have to start wearing pants again? And, as one writer asked, how should we hug? Answer: cautiously. I had to chuckle at the hugging guidelines. Amateurs, I thought. We evangelicals have been cautiously hugging for decades. There’s the famous “side-hug,” an awkward embrace with the benefit of minimal contact. There’s also the “make room for the Spirit” hug. That one is a front… Read more Church Humor

Prophecy: It’s Time for the Body to Get Out of Poverty

I keep hearing the word “entrepreneurship.” This word keeps cycling through my soul and spirit. The word came from the Holy Spirit weeks ago as I was preaching. I intended to teach on spiritual warfare when the Holy Spirit released entrepreneurship, business ideas, and creative strategies in the message. It has been continually coming up in my spirit about creating wealth for distribution and residual income. I’ve been hearing that we need to create businesses—and not only for ourselves but to assist others. It is time for the body of… Read more Prophecy: It’s Time for the Body to Get Out of Poverty