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How Christians Hug

With the end of the pandemic in sight, many are asking important questions. Like, how do I make eye contact with another human being? Will I have to start wearing pants again? And, as one writer asked, how should we hug? Answer: cautiously.

I had to chuckle at the hugging guidelines. Amateurs, I thought. We evangelicals have been cautiously hugging for decades. There’s the famous “side-hug,” an awkward embrace with the benefit of minimal contact. There’s also the “make room for the Spirit” hug. That one is a front hug but with no less than six inches of air between your bodies. I’m so accustomed to these holy guys, when I see someone go in for a full hug I gasp and think, heathen!

One silver lining to this awful pandemic is that, for at least a brief period of time, everyone will be hugging cautiously, like Christians.

Drew Dyck Drew Dyck

Drew Dyck

Contributing Editor

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