Prophecy: Come Boldly to the Throne of Glory



The Lord has said in His Word that we are to come boldly before His throne! The blood of Jesus gives us full access.

Nevertheless, this does not allow us to come in arrogance. We come dressed in the mantle of humility in the royal robes of salvation and righteousness. Arrogance and religion have no place at the throne.

Pride does not exist in God and cannot exist in heaven or at the throne. God wants His body to get clean, get dressed and get ready to dwell in glory, to be granted full access to the throne room. When Joseph was summoned to go before Pharaoh, he washed and put on clean garments. In Zechariah 3, after the angels removed the filthy garments from Joshua the high priest, they put clean clothes on him and a clean turban on his head. Joshua was then given charge of God’s courts and access to the throne.

The throne is the place of authority from where we rule and reign in Christ. It is therefore important that we learn to live from the throne zone and from the heart of God. With God’s heart, mind and authority, we can rule in all situations. We become God’s kingdom representatives. It is time to get rid of our victim mentality and begin to identify with Christ as a ruler—in His power, authority and mandate.

This is our inheritance. It is important to God that we learn to occupy this ascended place!

I believe the re-release of the outpouring at Pentecost, or the second Pentecost some are expecting, does not take place at Pentecost; it will come in the time of the Feast of Tabernacles—the last feast yet to be fulfilled. What began at Pentecost is completed at Tabernacles! However, until then, God is moving toward that day in the power of the Holy Spirit, who is taking us from glory to greater experiences and levels of glory until we are overflowing with the Spirit in fulness. The Lord wants a removal of the walls and a bigger place within us from where He will break out in glory.

“But we all, seeing the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, as in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord” (2 Cor. 3:18).

As we behold God in His glory, we are being transformed into His image in the same glory! Being pressed in life produces something within us that has tremendous value to God. His intention is to move us progressively and intentionally through the pressing of the wilderness experience to become a lush land watered with the rains of heaven. We then become the city from which the river flows out to the nations.

You are that city, a ruler city constructed in the image of God.

One of the keys to becoming this city is learning to live in the rest of God. We are now approaching another Shmita year beginning on Rosh Hashanah 5782, which falls on Sept. 7 on the Gregorian calendar. The Shmita is a sabbath year that represents a year of rest. Every seventh year, God ordained a time of rest for the land, forgiveness of debts and release of slaves. During this time, Israel was not allowed to work the land. The people therefore had to have the faith to know God would provide for them supernaturally and trust Him for their provision.

Living in rest is a walk of faith. God said if Israel obeyed His commands, they would be a blessed nation—a lender and not a borrower. We want to be a people who are able to bless others, not those who have to borrow and live in debt—a people who live in the blessings of God. The Shmita was therefore a supernatural year, where God was in full control of the destiny of Hs people and of the land.

We are now heading into an appointed, supernatural Shmita year of divine miracles. We are presently being prepared for an extraordinary year of rest and release in which we cease from our labors and from striving and allow God to rise to His place of lordship in our lives. God is coming to take the wheel to direct the course of the ship. We are about to learn how to become glory dwellers, to live in His divine glory. God took me to 1 Kings 5:2-4 to reveal the principle of great productivity in times of rest.

And Solomon sent word to Hiram, saying, You know how David my father was unable to build a house for the name of the Lord his God because of the wars all around him, until the Lord put his enemies under his feet. But now the Lord my God has given me peace on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor misfortune'” (1 Kings 5:2-4).

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Faith Marie Baczko is the president of Headstone Ministries International—a ministry that is rich and robust in the purposes and plans of God. She is a prophetic teacher and author, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. Faith is an international speaker and has garnered enduring relationships with leaders united in passion for truth and enduring revival. She is also the author of several books; her latest release, now available on Amazon, is called A Rising Called For!



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