Committed To His Worship

David, who is defined as a man after God’s own heart, will provide the model for us to follow.

Worship can take place in a corporate or private setting. God’s church can gather together on any given day and celebrate our risen Savior in worship. God’s child can enter into his/her prayer closet and approach God’s throne in worship. This is going to focus on private worship and will look at a prayer of David found in Psalm 139:23-24 as an example.

Worship is personal (v. 23-24)
Worship can be defined as a personal encounter with God, in which we acknowledge who He is and are changed as a result. We can see this definition lived out in David’s prayer.

We see the personal nature of worship in this pray in that David’s focus is his relationship with God. He uses six unique and individual personal pronouns in his prayer. While there is nothing wrong with praying for others, as we are called to pray for one another, this worship encounter is between David and God. David knew that his direct relationship with God was paramount to all other things in his life and was therefore focused on a personal encounter with Him in worship.

Worship starts in the heart (v. 23)
David asked God to search and know his heart. God was fully aware of what was in David’s heart as He was aware of all David’s ways (v. 3). The request to search and know was an acknowledgment of God as sovereign and an invitation to change David from the inside out.

Scripture reveals that God has a great interest in our hearts. When asked what the greatest command was, Jesus said to “love the Lord your God with all of your heart. . .” (Matt. 22:37-40). Solomon, in all of his wisdom, told us to “trust in the Lord with all of our hearts” (Prov. 3:5). Personal worship is worship from the heart in which we ask God to search us and know us.

Worship changes our behavior 
Verse 24 concludes this worship experience with David asking God to change his behavior. David begins by asking God to point out offensive things in his life. What is offensive to God? The answer, sin. What would it look like if we all began to ask God to point out the sin in our lives? Instead of praying for everyone else all the time, let’s commit to personally worshiping our heavenly Father and ask Him to show us our sin.

David then asks God to lead him in an everlasting way.

This is David asking God to lead him away from the sin that he now sees and to lead him in God’s ways. Take note too of the singular nature of “the everlasting way”. The everlasting way is a journey with the Father through a relationship with the Son. If worship is a personal encounter with God, in which we acknowledge who He is and He changes us as a result; then our greatest act of worship is asking Him to search our hearts, show us our sin, and lead us to a relationship with Him through His Son.

Conclusion: Can worship be had with a group of people gathering together to sing praises to the risen Savior? Yes. Worship can take place in our prayer closest when we ask the Father to search us, know us, and lead us. As His children, let’s make sure to have a healthy balance of both types of worship.


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