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ANDREW: On one of my earliest trips to the USA my friend Jim Brooks took me to the place where the Second Great An awakening began – at the Red River Meeting House in Kentucky. As we walked through the ancient grounds toward the replica Meeting House I felt a sudden sense of God’s presence that almost brought me to tears. This was the field where the first Revival “Camp-meeting” was held. Jim told me that a lot of people feel something similar walking through that area. Almost as though some sense of the great Revival still remains after 200 years.

It was on this visit that Jim told me of his friend Euley Hudson, who had been given a powerful insight into
the coming move of God – even experiencing a taste of what it will be like. Here is his story:

by Jim Brooks

I first met Euley about 20 years ago. He was an independent evangelist. Some years before, while working as a car salesman, he felt God calling him to go around the world preaching the gospel. No church, denomination, or mission board that he approached would back him, so he determined to go forth on his own.

He told God that though a man would not back him, he was going to obey God and let God provide. God did indeed provide him with the means
to go around the world and he saw many miracles as he went. After that, he began making regular trips to Communist China and to Israel, preaching on the streets and wherever he could.

After some years of this, Euley was returning home from a trip to Israel. He had left Israel, gone to Europe, and was flying home to the States. He told me that for some reason he felt discouraged and a bit depressed.

As he sat in his seat on the plane, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and God told him several things. The Lord told him that in not too many years there would be a great revival. He told Euley that this revival would be noteworthy for the huge number of people who would be saved without anyone even mentioning repentance or salvation to them.

God told him that people would be walking down the street when suddenly conviction would come upon them and they would repent and would turn to the Lord. God told him that people would without warning come under conviction by the presence of the Lord and would often collapse on the ground where they were. (This was also common during the Great Revival of 800 in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as in the Ulster Revival of 1859 – plus many others.)

God told Euley that as a sign that this was true, he would see people for a time physically collapse when he came near them, coming under conviction and repenting without him or anyone witnessing to them. He said that about the time the Lord told him that, an elderly Dutch lady who was seated near him on the plane burst into uncontrollable tears.

She did not speak English, but another lady translated that the elderly woman suddenly felt that she was not pleasing to God. Euley talked to her and prayed for her with the other lady translating. She gradually began sobbing and became very happy. Then others on the plane began to cry and he stood and talked to all on the plane about the Lord.

Even more, people began to cry then.

After the plane landed at Kennedy Airport, Euley made his way inside. As he walked across the terminal, a man pushing a cart full of luggage stopped as he approached Euley and began crying tears and saying that he was a sinner who needed to repent. Several other people, as Euley
came near them, also began to cry. Outside on the street, several people fell weeping against the side of buildings as he passed them.

As Euley was telling me this, a couple sitting with us who were close friends of mine interrupted Euley to tell me what had happened with them only two days before. They had taken Euley to lunch and as he was telling them this same story, their waitress, as she walked towards their table,
suddenly began to cry and sob. She turned and went into the ladies’ room.

My friend’s wife went in after her and found her sobbing against the wall. The waitress said that she was a Christian, but that she had not had time for God for several years. She said that was all going to change, as she intended to start back to church and to allow God to rule her life like He
wanted to. This was what Euley had been told would one day be a common thing, when the great coming revival arrives.

My grandmother said of the coming revival that it would be the greatest move of God that the world had ever seen. She said it would begin sometime after the year 2000. She said that both judgment and revival would come upon America and the world. When I asked her when these things would begin, her reply was that she did not know the time, only that it would be sometime after the year 2000.

She did tell me that a sign that judgment was beginning would be when a large building in New York City was destroyed by people from a Muslim country. She said those people would hate America and Americans, though she did not know why they would. Grandmother said they would completely destroy a building in New York City.

She said they would not do it with a bomb, though it would appear to have been bombed. Grandmother said everyone in America would know about it the hour it happened. Before the day was over, she said the whole world would have heard about it. It was in 1958 or 59 that she told me this. She said this would be a sign that judgment had begun.

I asked her what most Americans would think as they saw judgment beginning? Her reply was that most Americans would close their eyes and blindly go on as if nothing was wrong as if nothing had changed. I said, “But of course the Christians will see that something is wrong because such a tragedy happened in this country.”

Her reply was that on the contrary, most Christians would close their eyes and be as blind as the rest of the population. A few, she said, would
be following God and would see what was coming. Most Christians in America, she said, did not follow God and so would not see or heed the warnings He would give. They would not know what was coming because they listened to man and not to God.

– Dr.James Brooks.




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