Daniel 9 and the Secret Rapture

Have you ever wondered if you have been “left behind?” Who will be on earth after the rapture? Many seek to discover clues as to when Jesus will come back. And yet, despite the many predictions, believers are still waiting for Him to come again. Daniel 9 is a passage frequently used in this discussion of the end-times, yet the language it employs is often mysterious and open to debate over its meaning.

At the center of the debates are verses 24-27 that refer to various weeks that the events will fall on. Some interpret these events as still awaiting fulfillment, but Martyn Lloyd-Jones makes his case for why he believes the events to have been fulfilled with the life of Jesus Christ and the destruction of the temple and defeat of the Jewish people in 70 A.D. Dr. Lloyd-Jones also provides a commentary on a topic that has been steadily gaining traction in evangelical circles: the rapture of Christians.

Many people are surprised to learn that this theological idea is not commonly found until after the 1800s. How should Christians approach this topic? Listen to this sermon as Lloyd-Jones provides an alternative view of Daniel 9 and a biblical foundation for understanding the idea of an end-times rapture of the global church.



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