Taking the Fear out of Evangelism

Building Church Leaders Newsletter

Recently, I was talking to my Muslim neighbor when the conversation turned to religion. At one point he looked at me and asked, “We believe Jesus will return to earth to judge the world. Do you believe that?”

“Yes, we do!” I responded, happy to find some common ground. What followed was a friendly, and I hope, fruitful conversation about Christian faith. I don’t consider myself to be good at evangelism. I find it awkward to broach the topic of faith and fear that I’ll say something wrong. But I’m learning that just making friends with people and naturally discussing your relationship with Christ is enough. God doesn’t expect us all to be silver-tongued apologists. But he does call us to share our faith with others.

That’s what I love about this week’s resource. Doable Evangelism shows how evangelism is for everyone and doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll learn how to “evangelize with your ears” and put others at ease. We’re also featuring Building an Evangelistic Church. This resource will you inspire your congregation to tackle this vital aspect of Christian life while giving you practical ways to make it happen.

Drew Dyck Drew Dyck

Contributing Editor