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Day: July 4, 2021

Mighty One (feat. Todd Dulaney & Maryanne J. George)

Official Music Video for “Mighty One  ” featuringTodd Dulaney, Maryanne J. George & Mav City Gospel Choir “Mighty One”, written by Todd Dulaney, Mitch Wong, Dante Bowe. This song is from Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition released on June 18th, 2021. Recorded at a live worship event celebrating Juneteenth. Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition is available now on all streaming platforms! Streaming link:  

Jubilee Worship – No Bondage (feat. Jennifer Ese & Anthony Brown)

Vocals: Anthony Brown, Jennifer Ese Obeahon, Phil Thompson, Deborah Bullock, April Mtyora, Wil Bullock, Tamar St. Julien, Danica Santiago, Kayla Thompson, Courtney Williams, Amber Ais, Lunisse Antione   Intro: Oh-ohh, oh-ohhh No other name but the name… of Jesus Verse 1: There’s no hurt that can outlive The grace You freely give It’s the raging flood That covers us Verse 2: For the thoughts that come to decay You’ve sent love to strip them away And You’ve left the truth That we’re free in You Chorus: There is no bondage… Read more Jubilee Worship – No Bondage (feat. Jennifer Ese & Anthony Brown)