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Day: July 8, 2021

THE STATE of THE CHURCH – By Colin Wilson

For a period of over 5 years or so, I have been increasingly bumping into committed Christians who are unsettled. They often find difficulty in articulating how they feel, but the the general drift is a dissatisfaction with the level of Christian living in their own lives and in their churches. In the past, a common response in these situations has been to move church (and I should stress that the folk I am referring to are not immature church-hoppers looking for the ideal church) but part of the perplexity… Read more THE STATE of THE CHURCH – By Colin Wilson

Jesus’ Return – The Second Coming – Christianity

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is going to come back and when it happens, absolutely everyone will know about it. His return is often called the Second Coming. It will be an extraordinary, unprecedented moment in history – very different from his first arrival as a helpless baby in Bethlehem. The Bible gives clues about what it might be like but does not say when it will happen. Jesus spoke about his return in the days before his crucifixion in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. In the Bible book, Matthew, he… Read more Jesus’ Return – The Second Coming – Christianity