Smith Wigglesworth

After I had received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (and
I know that I received; for the Lord gave me the Spirit in
just the same way as He gave Him to the disciples at
Jerusalem), I sought the mind of the Lord as to why I was
baptized. One day I came home from work and went into
the house and my wife asked me, ‘Which way did you
come in?” I told her that I had come in at the back door.
She said, “There is a woman upstairs and she has
brought an old man of eighty to be prayed for. He is
raving up there and a great crowd is outside the front door,
ringing the door-bell and wanting to know what is going
on in the house.” The Lord quietly whispered, “This is
what I baptized you for.”

I carefully opened the door of the room where the man
was, desiring to be obedient to what my Lord would say
to me. The man was crying and shouting in distress, “I am
lost! I am lost! I have committed the unpardonable sin. I
am lost! I am lost!” My wife said, “Dad, what shall we do?”
The Spirit of the Lord moved me to cry out, “Come out,
thou lying spirit.” In a moment the evil spirit went, and the
Lord said to me, “This is what I baptized you for.”

There is a place where God, through the power of the Holy
Ghost, reigns supreme in our lives. The Spirit reveals,
unfolds, takes the things of Christ and shows them to us,
and prepares us to be more than a match for satanic forces.

When a man is born of God, is brought from darkness to
light, a mighty miracle is wrought. Jesus saw every touch
by God as a miracle, and so we may expect to see
miracles wrought today. It is wonderful to have the Spirit of
the Lord upon us. I would rather have the Spirit of God on
me for five minutes than to receive a million dollars.

The devil knows that if he can capture your thought life, he
has won a mighty victory over you. His great business is
injecting thoughts, but if you are pure and holy you will
instantly shrink from them. God wants us to let the mind
that was in Christ Jesus, that pure, holy, humble mind of
Christ, be in us.

I come across people everywhere I go who are held bound
by deceptive conditions, and these conditions have come
about simply because they have allowed the devil to make
their minds the place of his stronghold. How are we to guard
against this? The Lord has provided us with weapons that
are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds
of the enemy, and by means of which every thought shall
be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. The
blood of  Jesus Christ and His mighty name are an antidote
to all the subtle seeds of unbelief that satan would sow in
your minds.

Our blessed Lord Jesus is still alive, and continues His
ministry through those who are filled with His Spirit. He is
still healing the broken-hearted and delivering the captives
through those on whom He places His Spirit.

At one time I was so bound that no human power could
help me. My wife was looking for me to pass away. There
was no help. At that time I had just had a faint glimpse of
Jesus as the Healer. For six months I had been suffering
from appendicitis, occasionally getting temporary relief. I
went to the mision of which I was pastor, but I was brought
to the floor in awful agony, and they brought me home to
my bed. All night I was praying, pleading for deliverance,
but none came. My wife was sure it was my home call and
sent for a physician. He said that there was no possible
chance for me — my body was too weak. Having had the
appendicitis for six months, my whole system was drained,
and, because of that, he thought that it was too late for an
operation. He left my wife in a state of broken-heartedness.

After he left, there came to our door a young man and an
old lady. I knew that she was a woman of real prayer. They
came upstairs to my room. This young man jumped on the
bed and commanded the evil spirit to come out of me. He
shouted, “Come out, you devil; I command you to come
out in the name of Jesus!”

There was no chance for an argument, or for me to tell him
that I would never believe thart there was a devil inside of
me. The thing had to go in the name of Jesus, and it went,
and I was instantly healed.

I arose and dressed and went downstairs. I was still in the
plumbing business, and I asked my wife, “Is there any
work in? I am all right now, and I am going to work.” I found
there was a certain job to be done and I picked up my tools
and went off to do it. Just after I left, the doctor came in, put
his plug hat down in the hall, and walked up to the bedroom.
But the invalid was not there. “Where is Mr. Wigglesworth?”
he asked. “O, doctor, he’s gone out to work,” said my wife.
“You’ll never see him alive again,” said the doctor; “they’ll
bring him back a corpse.”

Well, I’m the corpse.

Since that time, in many parts of the world, the Lord has given
me the privilege of praying for people with appendicitis; and
I have seen a great many people up and dressed within a
quarter of an hour from the time I prayed for them. We have
a living Christ who is willing to meet people on every line.

Oh, if you would only believe God! What would happen? The
greatest things. Some have never tasted the grace of God,
have never had the peace of God. Unbelief robs them of
these blessings. It is possible to hear and yet not conceive
the truth. It is possible to read the Word and not share in
the life it brings. It is necessary for us to have the Holy
Ghost to unfold the Word and bring to us the life that is
Christ. We can never fully understand the wonders of this
redemption until we are full of the Holy Ghost.

Are you oppressed? Cry out to God. It is always good for
people to cry out. You may have to cry out. The Holy Ghost
and the Word of God will bring to light every hidden, unclean
thing that must be revealed. There is always a place of
deliverance when you let God search out that which is
spoiling and marring your life. That evil spirit that was in the
man in the synagogue cried out, “Let us alone!” It was a
singular thing that the evil spirit had never cried out like
that until Jesus walked into the place where he was.
Jesus rebuked the thing, saying, “Hold thy peace and
come out of him,” and the man was delivered. He is just
the same Jesus, exposing the powers of evil, delivering the
captives and letting the oppressed go free, purifying them
and cleansing their hearts.


Prophetic Dream: Take Hold of Your Completed Promise in July


On May 29, I had a prophetic dream about the month of July. The Lord showed me that many have birthed their promise, but have yet to take hold of it completely.

In the dream, I was holding my friend’s baby and was specifically asking to go down to the lake to take a photo of the baby and me. My friend responded that I had to wait for her sister to go before me and that I would have to wait until July to take the picture with the baby.

In the dream, I was wearing a V-neck bathing suit with a coverup from the waist down; the bathing suit was white with light pink polka-dots. I was dressed and ready to go, holding the baby, and standing where the lake was in visible distance, but I had to wait until July. I then immediately went into another dream that confirmed what the baby or “promise: represented.

As I began to interpret with the Lord on this, I looked up the names of the individuals in the dream, and then the meaning became crystal clear. My friend’s name means “God is my oath” or “God is a vow”; her husband’s name means “God is my judge”; the baby’s name means “completely”; their last name means “fire”; and my friends sister’s name means “Christ” or “anointed one.” Therefore, the interpretation of the dream is as God is my judge, and as God is my oath, He is watching over the promise and all that He has vowed, and by the power of His Word, Christ is going before to bring it to completion.

This timing is pivotal because many are going through the last fires before beholding their promise; do not relent even if these fires carry over in July, as you are almost there! July is the seventh month, and seven represents completion and perfection in the Bible. My birthday is July 1, and the baby will turn seven months July 31. The Lord is going to bring His promises to completion in your life during the month of July, from beginning to end. Watch in this window as many will finally be able to see the picture with clarity and with physical reality. I hear the Lord say, “This is the promise that has been refined in the fire,” which symbolically ties into the last name of the mother and father of the baby.

In the dream, I wanted to take a picture at the lake with the baby. My friend and her family live in Michigan, and Michigan is also the state where I was born and raised, home of the Great Lakes. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. July will be the beginning of the refreshing of your soul, as you sync with the Lord’s timing and wait for Him to go before you. The Holy Spirit will then totally immerse you into this new land and will work a far superior outcome for you.

The time stamp of the dream was 5.29.21 and coincides with Genesis 5:29 (AMPC): “When Lamech was 182 years old a son was born (v. 28). He named him Noah, saying, this one shall bring us relief and comfort from our work and the [grievous] toil of our hands due to the ground being cursed by the Lord.” Lamech named is son Noah, which means “rest.”

Like a Noah, this promise you are holding represents the long-awaited rest, new covenant and land in the new era the Lord has vowed to you. Lamech lived 777 years, and 7 seven times three equals 21; the dream date was May 29, 2021. Additionally, three represents the number of the Spirit, and there are three sevens at the end of Lamech’s life and three trimesters in pregnancy, not to mention water and the Spirit are closely connected.

Symbolically, the Father is washing away ties to the old season by the Spirit, resetting you by the Spirit through rest and bringing to completion that which was born of the Spirit!

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Amy Sutherland is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the founder of Ablaze Global Productions, a ministry-production company formed from her dual call to minister to the church and the unreached around the globe. Investing years in ministry and the entertainment industry, she has had the opportunity to develop her giftings in a unique way for such as time as this. From award-winning actress and producer to speaking and ministering prophetically worldwide, she desires to awaken and make ready a fiery bride for her King. Amy serves the body globally with prophetic words, insights, training and encouragement, though specifically ministering to leaders. Amy is a graduate of Marilyn Hickey Bible College and Harvest Missions School—Iris Ministries Africa. For more information about Amy, visit her website at

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