Jesus Used Mrs. Lot As A Fearful Warning

Remember Lot's wife

Genesis 19:23-26. In Luke 17, verses 22-37, Jesus discusses the destruction of Jerusalem. As part of that discussion, he makes a statement that all who have read the Bible would quickly recognize. That statement being, “Remember Lot’s Wife” – Luke 17:32.2. There are several things that we should remember when we think of her, and the examples she has given us.

 SHE PERISHED EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS THE WIFE OF A RIGHTEOUSMAN. 2 Peter 2:6-8. From this account of what happened to Lot’s wife, we should gain the realization that association with the righteous will make us better. But it will not save us Paul warned concerning the fact that man must give an account of his deeds -Romans 14:12; 2 Corinthians 5:10. Having a Christian husband, wife, parents, or children is something to be happy about. But when the Day of Judgment comes all their righteousness will avail us absolutely nothing. At that time the righteous and the unrighteous will be parted for all eternity – Matthew 25:462.

SHE PERISHED EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS WARNED BY GOD. Genesis 19:171. Contrary to the belief of some, it is not just a knowledge of God’s Word and warnings that will result in their being saved. Rather, it man’s obedience to the Words and warning – Hebrews 5:9.2. Obedience is absolutely necessary in order to prevent man from being lost, even though he may know what the Bible teaches – James 1:21, 22. Lot’s wife heard God’s warning. She knew what He said, but she was still lost. As we remember Lot’s wife, let us realize that we are being warned by God through His Word. Let us also realize that we too may perish if we do not heed the warning that is being given us.

SHE PERISHED EVEN THOUGH SHE MADE AN EFFORT TO SAVE HERSELF. She heard, she believed what she heard, she even went a distance. But she stopped short of salvation in so far as her physical life was concerned- Genesis 19:26. In this, we see the necessity of remembering the example she set. There are many people, like Lot’s wife, that hear, believe, and even go a short distance in their life for Christ. But when they look back, all is lost. Recall what Jesus said on this – Luke 9:62. Each of us should remember Lot’s wife and the fact that she made an effort, but
that it was not a continuing effort. We, likewise, need to remember that we must have a continued effort if we are to be saved – Luke 9:23.
SHE PERISHED EVEN THOUGH SHE SEPARATED FROM SODOM. So often it is not that hard to get people to come out of the world. The difficulty lies in getting the world out of the people – 1 John 2:15-17. Even though a distance physically separated Lot’s wife from Sodom, she was not separated from it mentally. This is evident from the fact that she looked back – Genesis 19:26.
SHE PERISHED EVEN THOUGH SHE COMMITTED ONLY ONE SIN. We should remember this so as to realize that it is not the number of sins that one commits that causes them to be lost. But it is sin itself – Romans 6:23. There does not need to be a plurality of sins committed to be lost. 

One will do the job. Ask several O. T. people concerning this:
A. Adam and Eve – Genesis 3:6.
B. Moses – Numbers 20:11.
C. David – 2 Samuel 11:2-12:7.
D. Lot’s wife – Genesis 19:17, 26. To name a few.

They did not need to commit a host of sins in order to be unpleasing to God. The same is true with us. This is where carefulness comes in.

CONCLUSION: The phrase “Remember Lot’s Wife” will be one that will ring through eternity. The question is: Will it ring as a reminder of a warning heeded? Or as a reminder of one not heeded? The choice is ours!


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