A Jewish Doctor

Did you ever wonder why so many doctors are Jewish? The Jewish people were called to bring redemption to the world. That means healing. There’s a concept in Judaism called [ tikun olam], meaning bringing healing or redemption to the world. That’s the Jewish mission. It’s no accident that they became a people of healing. In fact, some of the greatest advances in medicine and the healing of many diseases have come through them. That’s good news for you.

Messiah is the greatest Jewish doctor in the universe. It’s no accident that one of His central missions is healing. You have a Jewish doctor, the greatest One who ever lived. He will deal with every single thing in your life as a specialist. You’ll never get a bill and He makes house calls. Whatever you need for healing, wholeness, your completion, your well-being – spiritual, emotional, and physical – bring it to Him.

Whatever your wounds or your pain, bring it to Him, let Him see it, let Him touch it, and let Him bring you your healing because you have the best Jewish doctor ever.

From the Message – The Great Physician
Hope For The World
Jonathan Cahn

TODAY’S MISSION – Bring your wounds to Messiah today
and let Him touch them and bring you your healing.

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