Don’t give up!

Dear Freedom Fighters,

A really quick note from me, to encourage you. I am working on so many awesome projects here and will give updates soon.

It still needs to take a lot of rest for my exhausted brains, but I have hired top professionals to do major work behind the scenes, that I will share in the near future.

So be patient – a lot of great stuff is coming your way.

Because so many people are very worried, I want to say a few words to lift you up.

Don’t read this with your mind, but drink it in WITH YOUR HEART.

The storm may be dark and very frightening, you hear the thunder and the cries of despair in the night.

But know this:

every dark night is followed
by a beautiful bright new day.

This goes especially for this season of great turmoil.

Take heart, have courage, see the promised land beyond the high and dark mountains.

Look beyond the raging storm and see the wonderful land that is waiting in the distance.

This is KEY to victory: see beyond the storm.

Rise higher, to realms where you can see from the perspective of eternity.

Do not listen to the wolves that only howl about doom and despair.

Listen to the lions that give hope.

Ignore the vultures, but hear the eagles.

And be one of them as well.

Lions and eagles are stronger than wolves and vultures.

They don’t just proclaim destruction, but they cry out with a loud sound of victory and power.

Lions have higher power and eagles soar at heights that allow them to see above the clouds.

Listen to these voices, that show hope at the horizon, and ignore all who suffocate you with nothing but fear.

Rise up to the place where you see victory in the midst of this eruption of intense evil.


This is not a time to look at how high the waves are, how loud the cries of the wicked are and how dark the night is. This is a time to look deeper, listen more carefully and focus on that which is GREATER.

See the NEW DAY that is coming.

Allow the realm of majesty, hope, and life to illuminate your own heart, so you can see and feel the beautiful future already before it is manifested.

The dawn is here, so open our innermost being to see it rising. Then you can proclaim hope to others who are still in the dark.

We need to shake off all despair and drink deep the reality of God who is greater, and who lifts us up to the realms where we see from His amazingly majestic perspective, into the future.

I am preparing a report with dozens of FACTS that prove how the GOOD is winning, despite what you are hearing and seeing. Give me some time to finish this, as it will be life-changing for many.

So be encouraged ️

David Sorensen

Read this a few times, to let the words penetrate deeper into your heart.

PS: please keep sharing the very powerful reports, documentaries, and interviews on

Spread it around, hand out flyers, put up posters, place ads in newspapers, pay for radio ads that proclaim

Download material here:

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to awaken the world.

The sooner we awaken the majority, the sooner the wicked will fall down.

Don’t sit around, but be this courageous warrior that shakes off the chains of fear and does what it takes to awaken the world.

Also keep supporting us, as we are hiring top professionals to help us make amazing documentaries, that will change the world forever. They are not cheap, but their work is amazing. Your help makes this possible. Support here:

Help us fight for the freedom of humanity!

Let’s do this together!

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