What Is Your Pastor’s MSR?

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Last week in this newsletter I wrote about how my dad, a pastor, performed a lot of wedding ceremonies. I wrote about how strange it sounded when he talked about all the people he had “married” that wasn’t my mom.

Well, my mind must have been circling around the topic of pastors and weddings, because this week I had a brilliant idea.

Why don’t pastors publicize the success rates of the marriages they perform?

It would be like a batting average. Just like no baseball player bats a thousand, no pastor is going to have every couple they marry stay together forever. But say you’re looking to get married and two pastors are offering their services. One has an MSR (Marriage Success Rate) of 70% and the other pastor is clocking in at only 55%. Who are you going with? That’s right—the winner.

It could be like Moneyball, but for ministers. Sure, your pastor might preach a good sermon, look good in a suit, and always remember the bride’s name. But at the end of the day, if his MSR is a measly 38%, fiancés in your church need to find someone else.

It’s all about the numbers.

Drew Dyck Drew Dyck

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