“You know, we live in a day when we are more afraid of holiness
then we are of sinfulness.”
-Leonard Ravenhill

“Holiness, not happiness, is the chief end of man.”
-Oswald Chambers

“True holiness is not achieved by what we do, but what we allow
God to do in us.”
-Mark Hart

“Holiness is not the way to Christ. Christ is the way to holiness.”
-Adrian Rogers

“God has one destined end for mankind – holiness! His one aim
is the production of saints. God is not an eternal blessing-
machine for men. He did not come to save men out of pity. He
came to save men because He had created them to be holy.”
-Oswald Chambers

“If you think you can walk in holiness without keeping up perpetual
fellowship with Christ, you have made a great mistake. If you
would be holy, you must live close to Jesus.”
-Charles Spurgeon

“Holiness has never been the driving force of the majority. It is,
however, mandatory for anyone who wants to enter the kingdom.”
-Elisabeth Elliot

“Many Christians have what we might call a ‘cultural holiness.’
They adapt to the character and behavior pattern of Christians
around them… But God has not called us to be like those around
us. He has called us to be like Himself. Holiness is nothing less
than conformity to the character of God.”
-Jerry Bridges

“Do not expect to grow in holiness if you spend little time alone
with God and do not take His Word seriously.”
-Joel Beeke