Kingdom Violence in Violent Times


We are violent. We are the bringers of the kingdom of God. While we live in corrupt and violent times—an age of terrorism, abuse, racism, genocide, medical crises and political strife—this earthly chaos is a sign of the movement of the Holy Spirit and the coming of God’s kingdom upon the earth.

As believers, we are commissioned by God to awaken one another to the call of Christ, to seize the weapons of the kingdom of God and to become offensive in the ongoing spiritual war. What does that mean? It means God calls His people to arm themselves with violent attributes and be the “violent who take it by force” (Matt. 11:12).

Are you shocked? Are we really supposed to take up arms and be violent? Yes. Yet the violence we are called to is very different from the dark violence the enemy perpetrates against all of creation to ravage and bring the greatest of suffering. To be the violent as followers of Christ, we practice kingdom violence. Just as Jesus taught us, during reformation, revolution and revival we are called to be motivated by violent love that denies selfishness and entitlement, to be empowered by violent grace to minister using spiritual gifts and to walk in unshakeable violent faith that destroys all darkness. This is kingdom violence. We, as the citizens of the kingdom of God, are the violent who do kingdom violence and push back the darkness in our time.

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Dr. Kim Maas is the author of The Way of the Kingdom: Seizing the Times for a Great Move of God and Prophetic Community: God’s Call for All to Minister in His Gifts. She also hosts Move Forward on Charisma Podcast Network and the Prophetic Community e-course here.

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