by Cathy Asher

We have been too long inside the four walls and in our own little
groups. Many are dying and not finding out about salvation and
the love of Jesus and how He died for us…

I will share briefly a vision the Lord gave me several weeks ago. 
It started with me seeing a vision of a very tall man in overalls and
he was a farmer.  I asked him who he was and he stated he was
the planter of the Word.  I have to admit at first it frightened me
and I prayed and said, Lord if this is not of you, make it go away. 
When I opened my eyes, he was still there and he was smiling
at me.  I asked him again who he was and he replied, I am the
Planter of the Word.  I asked him what did he want and he stated
that He was preparing the Bride for the harvest.  I started to ask
him more, but he was gone.  I prayed for several days about this
and then I knew there was more so I asked Holy Spirit to let me
know what it meant.

That night I dreamed the following dream.  I was in a church
service and in the dream the Lord came to me and said, come
here I want to show you something.

It was as if I were zoomed away and he then told me to look
down.  I looked down and there was a wheat field and it was all
bent over and as I looked I saw that the stems were mildewed
I asked the Lord, what is this.  He stated, there were not enough
laborers for the harvest.  I felt so sad and began to cry.

He then showed me another field.  In this field, the wheat was
about 12 inches tall but there were lots of sticker weeds in it. 
I asked the Lord what is this.  He stated this is the fruits of not
having enough laborers in the first field.  I was really devastated by then.

He then said, come here and look.  I looked down and there was
the Planter of the Word and He was plowing and planting seeds. 
I asked the Lord, what are you showing me?  He stated to me
that He was planting a field and in this field He was planting
seed for His Bride.  Never again, would there be a field like the
first one, for His Bride could be trusted.  He was preparing Her
even now for the great harvest to come.  I felt a sense of
excitement.  When I woke up, I prayed and asked our Lord to
forgive me and not ever let me be one who was not ready for the harvest.


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