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Day: September 4, 2021


Since the early days of my Christianity, I have been praying for revival. Coming into the Kingdom at the end of the Charismatic Movement in l975, I went to Aglow and Full Gospel meetings, but the glory had departed and religion, politics and factions were moving in.  My longing for the presence of the Lord was fed by writings and biographies of revivalists. Studying Evans and Finney made my heart ache for the church. She was being overtaken by her enemies, the gods of this world. Ten years ago, while… Read more A PASTOR’s WIFE’s SAD LETTER -Trish Woelk

The King of the Time of the End

Up until this point in chapter eleven, the 135 prophecies that deal with the Persian and Grecian empires have been fulfilled with minute precision-every event verified and documented by the rigors of both religious and secular history, and culminating with the “end days” of the wicked Antiochus Epiphanes (164 B.C.). Now, however-beginning with verse 36-we find ourselves in new territory. Here we suddenly confront prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled. Nothing here can be related to previously predicted and fulfilled historical events, which means we are now stepping into… Read more The King of the Time of the End