We Cannot Tell

Mark 11 27-28

In Mk 11:27-28, the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders questioned by what authority Jesus went into the temple and cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, Mk 11:15. Jesus answered them with a question about John the Baptist’s baptism, “was it from heaven, or of men?”

At this point, they reasoned with themselves and figured out what would happen if they answered the question. If they answered “From heaven,” Jesus would ask them why they didn’t believe. If they said, “Of men, they feared the people.” They were stuck. So, they answered, “We cannot tell.”

 Their reasoning revealed the two greatest reasons why men don’t receive Jesus Christ, fear, and unbelief. In Rev 21:8, the fearful and unbelieving are the first two groups in the list of those cast into the lake of fire. They don’t receive Jesus Christ because they don’t believe in him. Or they don’t receive him because they are afraid of the people. Religions keep their followers in bondage by fear. Thus, many religious people are afraid to believe in Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior. Praise the Lord you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. But can you tell others or are you like these chief priests, scribes, and elders who say “We cannot tell.” If you have a reason that you cannot tell, your problem is not unbelief. Your problem is fear. And you’re not alone in this regard. Chief rulers were afraid to confess Jesus in Jn 12:42-43. The blind man’s parents were afraid to confess Jesus in Jn 9:20-23. Jesus had to encourage his own disciples not to be afraid to confess him in Matt 10:24-33.

Don’t be like these chief priests, scribes, and elders. Don’t say “We cannot tell.” You can tell.

There was a young boy whose mother severely scarred herself in a house fire to save her son’s life when he was a baby. He loved his mother and never minded the hideous scars she bore. He knew they were for him. When he was a young teenager, however, his mother agreed to help cook for a school function.

His schoolmate commented to her son, “Did you see that ugly woman over there, she looks horrible.” Her son looked in her direction and replied to his friend, “I don’t know her.” He was afraid of what his friend would think if he knew that she was his mother.

Jesus was scarred to save your life. Never be afraid to confess to Him!!

A man cannot utter two or three sentences without disclosing to intelligent ears precisely where he stands in life and thought, whether in the kingdom of the senses and the understanding, or in that of ideas and imagination, or in the realm of intuitions and duty. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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