When Jesus Becomes an Idol


Let me get directly to the point.

After 50 years in the American evangelical church, 30 of those years in leadership, I am becoming increasingly alarmed that a significant percentage of the Western church is moving toward, and in some ways is already moving in, profoundly dangerous spirituality as it relates to Jesus. Yes, I said Jesus.

From the beginning of God’s communication with His people, He has warned us repeatedly of the dangers of idolatry. God clearly declares in the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Exod. 20:3, KJV). The great sin of Israel after coming out of Egypt was creating the golden calf — a god of their own image, imagination and design.

Though I have had growing concern on this issue for months, and have made it a matter of prayer and reflection, it crystallized for me in a moment several weeks ago in a weekly Sunday morning worship service. The moment was intense.

The worship leader and singers were passionately and sincerely singing the “latest chorus.” (Our worship songs now seem to have a shelf life of about 3 weeks. But that is a different article. Stay tuned.) I was doing my best to connect with the worship service, even though I did not know the song. But as I sang along, trying to learn the chorus, I suddenly realized something was very wrong.

The worship chorus was blasphemy. Complete, dangerous heresy.

I don’t want to identify the song exactly, or the artist, because I realize these people love God and love His church, and are doing their very best for the Lord. But the essence of the song was saying, repeatedly, that there is only one throne in heaven and Jesus is seated on it, alone.

The problem here (and, I would argue, the camouflaged but dangerous heresy) is that according to your Bible, Jesus does not reign alone on a throne in heaven.

Now, please understand the songwriter is seeking to describe the THRONE ROOM OF THE UNIVERSE. We are not dealing with some minor theological point here, like the difference between baptism by sprinkling and baptism by immersion. We are dealing with the POWER CENTER OF ALL THAT IS. So let’s … you know … get it right. And the most basic reading of Revelation 4 and 5 tells a completely different story.

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