DREAMS -John Paul Jackson

Dreams will enter Creator Early Access this Spring - Obilisk

Encoded within mankind is the desire to know more
• More about ourselves, others
• The universe, God

Our naturally curious minds delight in solving mysteries
• Mysteries designed by man
• Science and man reach for the mysteries hidden in nature
• Eternal mysteries

God is very real and present
• God had a plan for you even before you were in your mother’s womb
• He hand-picked gifts and designed attributes for you
• He can send you dreams
• He can use you to touch others
• He is interested in even the smallest details of your life

God speaks to us in a multitude of ways
• A still, quiet, voice
• A song on the radio
• The random memory of an old friend
• A riddle

The realization of dreams and mysteries begin with the understanding that God wants to speak to you
Within His hiding and our seeking, there are forms of relationship that we can develop between
each other—creation and Creator
“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search a matter out” (Proverbs 25:2).
• When God conceals a matter from us, it is not because He is trying to withhold something from us; it is an invitation to pursue Him
• When we are asleep, it is an opportunity for God to communicate with us outside of a logical understanding of time and space.
• He has to bypass our lower logic and communicate His higher logic

The meanings of dreams are a mystery
• Dreams are much like a game of hide-and-seek
• Dreams are God’s night parables
• They won’t make any sense if taken seriously
• That’s why they’re often ignored

The Mystery of Dreams
• Flying in a dream indicates a gift to rise above things of the earth
• The ability to have spiritual experience
• Teeth falling out in a dream speaks to our current ability to grasp and “chew” information
• Eye tooth could be how you view yourself
• Wisdom tooth could be inability to chew on or process what is going on in your life, having an effect on choices you’re making
• Snakes represent lies or “t-a-l-e-s”
• Alligators are meant to take you down (big mouths)

Process (mechanics) is very important in interpreting dreams
• The process requires the understanding of the metaphorical language God has used in Scriptures
• Head knowledge is what you learned, spirit knowledge is what the Spirit of God is telling you about the dream
• Knowledge of biblical symbols is like identifying the edges of a jigsaw puzzle
• They set the parameters of the puzzle
• The Holy Spirit fills in the rest of the puzzle

Where do you start learning dream interpretation?
• Read every dream in Scripture and look for patterns
• Read Proverbs and Psalms and take note of poetic devices and imagery
• Study the parables of Jesus (particularly ones He explained)

How important are dreams, visions and prophesy to God?
• One third of the Bible is devoted to dreams, visions and prophecy
• We spend one third of our lives asleep
• By the time you’re 60, you will have slept 20 years!
• Every night when you sleep, you dream

Dreams will be forgotten if you don’t write them down
Writing down your dreams creates three things:
• A physical record you can revisit later
• The words you use in recording your dream will help with the interpretation
• It shows God you value what He’s given you
• When you value something He’s given you, He is then justified in giving you more
• This is a spiritual law—a spiritual law is true whether you believe in them or not
– Dreams are an open door to a relationship with God — and He’s knocking at that door

A dreams is a message from eternity
God is talking to you, all the time—but you have to turn your volume up (or down)

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