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Day: October 2, 2021

Church Humor

Don’t Name Your Ministry After Yourself In a time when high-profile ministry leaders are dropping like flies because of pride, I have one small suggestion that might help a little. DON’T NAME YOUR MINISTRY AFTER YOURSELF! I don’t give this advice lightly. It will require I take my own advice and rename DREW DYCK INTERNATIONAL MAN OF GOD MINISTRIES to something with a tad more humility. It will also mean confronting that dude who slips me his business card at a conference, where he’s listed as Founder, CEO, and President… Read more Church Humor

Eagles Arising

This word was originally released on Feb. 7th, 2018 … I felt led to release it again. “My true prophets will arise to take their place in this hour and it will be unexpected by many in My body. These are the ones who have waited on Me and kept their ear to My throne to hear what I was truly saying and doing, not simply what others assumed I was. Many have thought they knew My heart and My intentions but they did not nor do they understand what… Read more Eagles Arising