Eagles Arising

This word was originally released on Feb. 7th, 2018 … I felt led to release it again.

“My true prophets will arise to take their place in this hour and it will be unexpected by many in My body. These are the ones who have waited on Me and kept their ear to My throne to hear what I was truly saying and doing, not simply what others assumed I was. Many have thought they knew My heart and My intentions but they did not nor do they understand what I do.

“You, My eagles, have understood the vastness of who I AM and the great paradigm of all that I do. When I have spoken to you about things that were outside of your realm of understanding, you did not question Me nor did you attempt to put Me inside of your understanding, but you simply took what I said for truth and changed your own perspective of who I AM.

“There will be strategies from On High that will be released because of My eagles that have not been known before this time. Strategies that will expose high-level plans crafted by the evil one to do much harm and bring much destruction … BUT My soaring eagles will fly. And when the enemy tries to raise up against them, the breath of My Spirit will raise a standard and they will be raised up with His wind.”

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