If You Don’t Know The Purpose Of A Thing Abuse Is Inevitable.

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Everything has a purpose but not all-purpose is known and when the purpose is not known the abuse is inevitable. Are you abusing your life? The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.

When you do not know the normal use (purpose) of a thing you will abuse it. Abuse is actually gotten from the words ABnormal USE. In other words, when you don’t know why something exists then you will abuse it because it is not being utilized or consumed in the way it was designed or created.

Everything on earth has a design and if there is a design there must necessarily be a designer. No designer ever begins with the design, he always has a purpose, and he does a design to fulfill that intent.

In Structural engineering, we design structural elements to meet a required intent, usually to carry a specific load capacity and to do this safely. Similarly, the Ultimate Designer made everything to play specific roles and at specific times.

But because something has a purpose does not mean that its purpose is known. The major reason for this is that purpose does not reside in a thing, it can only be found in the manufacturer or the designer of the thing, so if you want to find the purpose of a thing never ask the thing, ask the manufacturer. It is the man who made the machine that knows why he made the machine. The machine does not know. If we define purpose as the original intent for the creation of anything and the desired result that made the creation necessary, then it suffices to say that this original intent is not in the product but in the mind of the producer.

To find the purpose of anything we must look beyond the thing to the manufacturer. If you want to know why the 2013 Toyota RAV4 was made you do not start checking the tires, the engine or the seats, you should ask Toyota. If you ask your shirt or your phone why it was made it will not be able to answer you and that is because it does not know. The purpose is only found in the mind of the manufacturer of the product and not in the product. we cannot find our why by looking at our what. We must go to the manufacturer else we will interpret the product incorrectly.

My question to you is; have you found the purpose for your life, your spouse (partner), your children, your degree, your education, your money, your family? The list is endless.

If we do not know the purpose of a thing we will abuse it. When men do not know the purpose of their spouses, they turn them to punching bags- this is abuse. The meaning of the word ‘clothe’ is to cover or to wrap, but when we do not know the purpose of clothes, we will abuse them. This explains why some wear what does not cover them and they call it fashion and when the purpose is not known, we work by second-guessing, experimenting, and end up using things for what they were not intended for. We abnormally use them.

Have you found the purpose for your life or are you abusing your life? For every abuse, there is a normal use. Have you found your normal use yet? Have you found your purpose?

To find your purpose, start by finding your WHY (always start with WHY)

There is a reason for everything, there is a purpose to live itself. Until the purpose of anything is found, all we can do is an experiment. Are you living a purpose-driven life or you are still experimenting with your life?

As we go through life, we come to some critical moments when we are faced with challenges that raise one of these 3 questions: 1-what is our origin? 2-why are we here (purpose)? 3-where are we going (destiny)? We can actually gloss over these moments or we can stop and ponder the questions and its attendant consequences for our lives.

Let’s focus on the 2nd question, Why are we here? Is there a ‘Why’? What is it all about? Is there a purpose to life?

As we said, If we do not know the purpose of a thing we begin to guess and experiment. Is it A or B? Was it to be eaten raw or cooked? Should it be worn left first or right first? The question is; are you experimenting with your life? Just going with the flow and seeing what happens.

This is a horrible way to live. You’ve only got one life to live and you better know WHY before it is over. If there is a ‘Why’ you are sure going to be better at finding it. Have you found your ‘why’ yet or are you simply experimenting with life?

When the purpose is not known the abuse is inevitable and remember, the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.


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