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Day: October 7, 2021

Unexpected Prophetic Word Takes Church From Mini to Mega

Gossip is never pretty—but when it comes from one pastor about another pastor and his church, it seems to come straight from the enemy. So when Pastor John Lindell of the then-fledgling James River Church, meeting in a storefront in Joplin, Missouri, learned of another pastor spreading unkind words about his church, he went straight to the source. He told the man, “We’re pastors; hey, we should be on the same team,” he tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of the Greenelines podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. But Lindell had no idea… Read more Unexpected Prophetic Word Takes Church From Mini to Mega

Look Again

I was thanking the Lord for a word and it was very interesting. I had a vision and the vision was about a pause button, but it was a fake button. The Lord would say to you, “Satan has convinced you that you are on pause. He has convinced you that your life is not going forward; that the promises of God are not going to come true; that you’re not going to be rescued; that things will never be different; that you’ll never get the money you need or… Read more Look Again