A Place Called “There”

1 Kings 17:4“You shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.”

A few weeks ago on a Saturday night, I was carrying some items to our van for our church service the following day. Each trip I would cut across the front lawn, and in the process, I had somehow dropped my car keys. The next morning, I went to get my keys where I normally kept them and they were gone. I began to search all over the house, in the car, in the driveway. I couldn’t find them anywhere. It was very frustrating. I knew they were “there” on our property, but I didn’t know where “there” was. Two days later the Lord said, “Go out to the front lawn, you’ll find them there”. Sure enough, I found them in the grass, they were “there” all the time.

In 1 Kings 17, in the midst of a devastating famine, God had prepared a place for the prophet Elijah and supernaturally supplied him with food and water. It was a place called “there”. The word “there” means “in that place or at that location”. God has already provided a place called “there” for every one of us, with everything we would ever need and more. It’s just a matter of getting to where “there” is.

How? Obedience. 1 Kings 17:2-3 says, “And the word of the LORD came to him: ‘Depart from here and turn eastward and hide by the brook Cherith, which is east of the Jordan.” Walking in obedience always starts with not just the Word of God, but a Word from God. God always gives wisdom, that gives you a strategy, that leads to your victory.

Elijah still had a choice to follow the word of the Lord, or not. What if Elijah didn’t go “there”? He would have died in the famine with everyone else even though provision was available over “there”. Folks we need to get “there” in our thinking and in our obedience.

Faith accesses what grace has already made available, but we play a big part in our own victories. What you need today is already available, it’s close by, it already exists. Listen for a Word from God and He will show you where “there” is.

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The definitive case against “vaccinating” 5-11-year-olds; comments on “booster” shots, universal IRS audits, Amazon’s abuse of Tolkien, and more; and some VERY important new “breakthrough” stats in the ‘Afterword’ to this week’s ‘Other Voices’ column.

The October 18, 2021, Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update

…where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

Getting The Numbers Right, Part II

The push for “vaccinating” kids relies on deception and ignorance.

LAST WEEK’S NEWSLETTER focused on correcting the widespread misimpression of the actual C19 fatality totals that is promoted by certain interests which benefit from widespread public panic and which, accordingly, strive to perpetuate that liberty- and rule-of-law-eroding state of affairs. In this mid-edition update, I’m going to devote attention to one small part of that deception campaign, in response to Joe Biden’s announcement last week of the imminent approval of mRNA “vaccines” for injection into children ages 5-11.

That approval would NOT be a good thing.

Such injections into yet another new batch of American children would be totally unnecessary and is totally contra-indicated by the data. That this is not immediately obvious to everyone is only due to the suppression of the relevant facts (and/or the irresponsible failure of officials and the MSM to report those relevant facts).

Let’s take a look at those data and facts.

TO BEGIN WITH, please take in the fact that only 605 deaths have been ascribed to Americans ages 0-18 over the entire course of the pandemic (add the two numbers in the third column):

You can see the breakdown of the portion of that 605 which is ascribed to each specific age within that range (also distinguished by sex) in the table here (composed of screenshots from the National Center for Health Statistics, as presented by the CDC here). As you will note, the total of ages 5-11 is only 90.

Keep in mind as well that the numbers presented are aggregates of those declared to have died from C19 and those declared to have died merely with C19 as a supposed or alleged comorbidity (an important distinction discussed in some detail in the lead article from last week, which can be reviewed here).



Points To Ponder

On “booster shots”, universal audits, Amazon’s upcoming exploitation of Tolkien, and “Building Back Better”.

THE DRUMBEAT FOR “VACCINE BOOSTER SHOTS” makes me think of nothing so much as Einstein’s observation that doing the same thing over and over again in the hope of getting different results is the very definition of insanity…


SPEAKING OF “BOOSTER” SHOTS and insanity, evidence has been steadily growing for some time that the COVID “vaccines” are damaging the immune systems of those who get them, as reflected in the fact that “vaccinated” people have lately outpaced unvaccinated people in hospitals and morgues due to C19. (And as reflected in the “Easter egg” in the article above and the “Other Voices” and Afterword further down this page …)

That is, not only do the “vaccines” not protect against C19 themselves, but they appear to be diminishing your natural immune system’s ability to do so (and by implication, its ability to protect you against other pathogens, like the flu, TB, pneumonia, etc.). This appears to be a universal adverse reaction, though not reported as such to VAERS.

What sane person would let this toxic injection be put into their arm? Or into those of their children?


I’VE BEEN ASKED BY A NUMBER OF FOLKS to comment on the Biden regime’s call for universal bank account monitoring by the IRS. Needless to say (to the CtC-educated community, anyway) the idea that transactions can be monitored without sworn allegations– or at least evidence of some kind– that they involve or reflect taxable activity (which is NOT the mere acquisition of money, of course) is the most fundamental problem with the proposition.

(And in fact, this fundamental problem is being tacitly acknowledged in some way, as indicated by the choice in the new legislation of the $600.00 threshold which has long been built into the 1099 reporting rules in 26 USC. One wonders whether the unread 2100-page bill in which this endless audit proposal appears actually calls for the banks to somehow report these transactions by way of “information returns”…)



All You Need To Know About Vaccine Failure

Not in Israel, in the US- in one incredible chart.

by Alex Berenson

So researchers decided to look at whether heavy use of cocaine, cannabis, and other drugs increases the risk for breakthrough Covid infections. (They found having a cannabis use disorder does; other drugs don’t, once you control for comorbidities. Tell Your Children.)

Anyway, that’s not the news.

This study was large and well-conducted. It used a database that covers 85 million Americans in 63 healthcare organizations. It was published Oct. 5 in World Psychiatry, a peer-reviewed journal. People were included if they’d had no Covid infection before vaccination and had been “fully vaccinated” – that is, 14 days after the second dose.

The researchers wound up examining medical records of about 580,000 Americans, 30,000 with a substance use disorder, 550,000 without. They found that just over 7 percent of people with a use disorder wound up with a breakthrough infection between January and August, compared to 3.6 percent of those without.

Okay. Set aside the small group of users and focus only on the 550,000 people in the non-using group. They had a 3.6 percent chance of infection for fully vaccinated people over eight months, from January to August.

But eight months is really about four months. Why? These are BREAKTHROUGH infections, and the average vaccinated American was not “fully” vaccinated until mid-April. (Remember, too, that “breakthrough” infections do not include the two weeks after the first dose when vaccine efficacy is somewhere between zero and negative.)

So 1 in 28 “fully vaccinated” people was infected over the four months when the vaccines were at peak effectiveness. Because vaccines work!

But the story gets worse. Much worse.

Continued… (with a VERY important afterword by Yours Truly)