“STICK-ABILITY” by Rodney W. Francis

Throughout the 45 years, I have been a Christian, I have observed
large numbers of men and women who have carried charisma, an
anointing, exceptional talents, talked of great vision and plans,
and generally wanted to do something positive and effective for
God. However, as time went on, they somehow disappeared from
off the scene and are now no longer to be found serving the Lord
in any kind of impacting way. One has to ask, “What went
wrong? Why did they not fulfill their destinies?” In short, the
answer is they lacked stick-ability. Another word we could use
here is endurance. They started well in their desire for Jesus but
were not able to continue to hold to their “first faith,” or first commitment.

To accomplish great things in the will of God today, it is important
that we can endure, or stick to that which we commit to. Many
do not go on to produce great fruit for the purposes of God because
they are not able to hold on to their vision during the seasons of
trials and testing. They are easily discouraged and give up too soon.

Another factor is that, over time, they demonstrate they were trying
to “work for God” rather than become “a worker together with God”
(2 Corinthians 6:1). When it comes to endurance and stack-ability,
there is a huge difference between “working for” and “working with”
God. To “work with” God means we need to know what He has
called us for – we need to know His will for our life, and then we
co-operate with Him to enable us to bring about that which He has
destined for us.

If we look at those who endured in the Scriptures, we soon discover
that they were all severely tested in order to produce the promised
results. It is no different with us today. None of us were born again
of the Holy Spirit of God to become “dropouts.” That is not His will
or purpose for any one of us. He wants us to know His will, and
then work together with Him to fulfill His will. That takes stick-ability.
But stick-ability is something that runs right against the grain of
modern living. We are conditioned to want everything “now” (sooner
if possible)! However, that is not the way of the Lord Jesus.

“The GFM” Ministry has been in operation for over 40 years. During
those years Jean and I have had to endure many things. We have
been laughed at, criticized, told on more than one occasion that
it should close down, etc. If we had listened to these negative
voices, I hate to think about where we would be today.

On the other hand, because we have endured, we are today reaping
the blessings of being used of God to minister to hundreds of
thousands of lives worldwide. We continually are hearing of
miraculous happenings in the lives of those we minister to. The
satisfaction of knowing you are fulfilling the call and will of God is
a tremendous assurance that the Lord does want to bless and
use us for His glory.

But He doesn´t “hand it to us on a plate” so to speak. We have
to grow in our walk with Him. We have to cultivate a listening ear
to pick up His ongoing instructions that are necessary to obtain
that which He has called us to. Many times throughout our life´s
journey we will discover that there are obstacles, opposition, and
even personal discouragements that will seek to make us want
to give up on the call. It is in those times that stick-ability has
to “kick in,” otherwise we will give up and the enemy will gain a
victory over us – and those we have been called to reach for Christ.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, are you enduring in the
purposes of God for your life right now? Do you need to change
anything that you are doing in the Kingdom of God? Do you need
to pick up again something that God called you to, but you let it
go because of what others said, the journey was too hard, or you
became personally discouraged? To accomplish the purposes
of God effectively we must endure – we must have stick-ability.

-GFM Newsletter