A weekend press release by the CDC is desperate bs which loudly calls for prompt and widespread debunking.

The November 1, 2021 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update

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(NOTE: This is a one-article update. I hadn’t meant to post today at all, but the CDC “study” I’m addressing here simply had to be debunked– and promptly.)

The CDC Has Begun Running Scared

Faced with the burgeoning evidence and professional recognition of naturally-acquired immunity as real, widespread, and superior in every way to “vaccine” induced effects, the narrative managers are resorting to near-fraud in a futile effort to keep control of the conversation.

“There is no safety for honest men but by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

-Edmund Burke

YOU KNOW THE SPIN-MEISTERS ARE SERIOUSLY NERVOUS when they resort to bs as fragrant as the pile pinched off by the CDC on Friday, October 29. The scam was an announcement of what is purported to be research suggesting that “vaccination” with one of the mRNA concoctions confers immunity to C19 which is superior to the naturally-acquired variety.

Sadly, some folks– those who get their information solely from sources like the CDC and its fellow-travelers– will be ignorant of the various background facts that immediately debunk this desperate nonsense. I’m going to step in to help.

THE “STUDY” CITED in the CDC press release, which was dutifully distributed by co-conspirator Associated Press and published in pretty much every alleged “news” outlet which maintains no proper journalistic skepticism, no investigative staff and no sense of responsibility to accuracy or its consumers, claims to have looked “about 7,000 adult patients who were hospitalized this year with illnesses or symptoms similar to those of COVID-19” (a quirky description which ought to have been enough by itself to raise the antenna of anyone not drenched in the narrative Kool-Aid).

The PR piece goes on to say that “about 6,000 [of the studied group] had been fully vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines (sic) three to six months before they wound up in hospitals. The other 1,000 were unvaccinated but had been infected with COVID-19 three to six months earlier.”

Continuing from the press release: “About 5% of the vaccinated (sic) patients tested positive for the coronavirus vs. about 9% of the unvaccinated group. The researchers factored in other data points, including age and how much virus was circulating in different areas, to calculate that the unvaccinated group was at even higher risk.”

Okay, now let’s turn on the Klieg lights.


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