Stop Running Away!


In the Book of Jonah, we read about God asking Jonah to go and preach in the City of Ninevah warning it against its evil. You probably know the story, Jonah runs away from God’s call upon his life and ends up on a boat in the middle of a storm. After discovering that the storm had been initiated by God, Jonah requests to be thrown into the sea and is swallowed by a great fish. After 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of this great fish, Jonah is spewed out onto dry land and responds to God’s call to preach against the evil of the great city of Ninevah. 

A Great Preacher

Jonah goes down in history as one of the greatest preachers because as a result of his preaching the whole city turns to God… Not bad! The main point of the book of Jonah is God’s heart for all nations to be in relationship with him. As well as this the book of Jonah challenges us of our self-centeredness towards the state of unbelievers separated from God.

God is Pursuing You

But today I want to challenge you to stop doing a Jonah and running away from God and his call upon your life! God is relentless in his pursuit of us. Just as he pursued Jonah, he will pursue you, not because he’s angry with you but because he loves you and has a sovereign plan for your life. God knows what is best for you and he has a group of people for you to touch, impact and solve problems for. 

My Story

I spent many years trying to run away from God and convince myself and everyone else around me that I was called to do something completely different than what God had actually called me to do. Eventually, I found myself in my own storm of emptiness and I was figuratively thrown into the middle of it and swallowed up by God’s grace and love while holed up in the Police Academy. The Police Academy was my great fish that I thought was going to save me from having to answer the call but instead, I ran straight into the call and surrendered my life to God’s sovereign plan for me.

2792754683_624a54e21a_mYour Story

What about you? Are you running away from something God has asked you to do? Are you trying to convince yourself of something that deep in your heart, you know is just not true? Whatever God has asked you to do, he will not stop pursuing you. Why? Because he loves you. Stop running away!

Lead the Change!

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