Beyond The Manger

Beyond The Manger
(Matthew 1:23-25)

The virgin birth of Jesus is a central truth of Christianity.
The fact that God relinquished heaven to come to the earth and live as a man is captivating, to say the least (John 1:1,14).

While the facts surrounding the birth of Jesus are firmly rooted in Scripture, the special celebration of His birth is a man-made event. It wasn’t until 354 A.D. that the Bishop of Rome decided to observe December 25th, formerly a pagan holiday observed intended to honor the God, Saturn to a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

This morning, I wish for us to focus on Jesus beyond the manger.
As a Baby, He Was Helpless – As A Man, He Was All-Powerful
As a Baby, He was totally dependent on others for survival.
As a man, we become totally dependent on Him for survival. (Matthew 28:19-20).

The power of Jesus must have been, and still is awe-inspiring (John 11:43;
Mark 9:39; Matthew 8:28-34; Matthew 14:22-33). This sort of power demands our respect.

As A Baby, He Was Loved – As A Man, He Was Hated.

While it is true that Herod hated Jesus when He was born (Matthew 2), most people love a baby. (John 15:18-20) Jesus was different and thus hated.

By His light, He exposed the darkness and the shame in others (John 3:19).
As A Baby, He Made Demands Of His Mother – As A Man, He Makes Demands Of Everyone

Every parent knows from experience the taxing demands of an infant.
But as Jesus grew, so did the scope of His demands.
He began to call all men to repentance and a change of lifestyle (John 8:11; Luke 13:3; Matthew 16:24).

Jesus Was Born To Die So That We Can Be Born To Live. Christianity is full of paradoxes. B. It was God’s plan from before the creation of the world to send Jesus to the earth to die (Revelation 13:8; Luke 24:46-47).

Today, those who are born again can have life (John 3:3-5; 1 Peter 1:23; 1 John 5:4).

Conclusion: As important as the birth of Jesus is, we must look beyond the manger; beyond the babe; and see the Christ of the cross who has all authority, who makes demands of your life, but who also promises you everlasting life.

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