Hey You, The One Thinking About Walking Away


Is walking away really the best thing to do? You, the one struggling in your faith right now. Maybe you aren’t struggling with who Jesus is but you find yourself struggling with what Jesus wants you to do. “It’s all too hard some days,” you say to yourself. That little voice inside of your head says it’s better just to walk away, stay quiet and blend in.

Of course, that little voice would say that. Why? He’s the most selfish being of all. Satan, the deceptive one, was so filled with pride that he was kicked out of heaven. He wanted so badly to be like God, maybe even one-up God, that he lost his place in perfect heaven. And ever since his expulsion, he has done his best to get as many people as possible in his realm.

Being a Christian has never been easy. Jesus didn’t have it easy. The first disciples didn’t have it easy. The early church didn’t have it easy. Countless men and women throughout history haven’t had it easy. Some remained steadfast until the end. These men and women were firmly planted and rooted in Him. Others, their roots weren’t as deep and when life got hard, their shallow roots dried up. And for many others, their roots were never established, to begin with.

As a Christ-follower, the world is not your friend. You live in the world but you shouldn’t be of it (John 17:14). Yet far too many are falling to the ways of the world and when the weight of it all is too much, reconciling the world with our Christian convictions is too much to bear. So many choose the easiest route, the widest path, and succumb to the world. The problem with this is that even if your salvation is secure, the choices you make to abandon the commands God has given because they are too hard or just too much affects your future generations.

When individuals actively choose to walk away from the commands of the Lord, they leave collateral damage for those after them to clean up. So, not only will those who come after you have to fight the battles you, yourself, are contemplating walking away from, they will have to clean up your mess too. Is that really what you want to be known for?

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Erin Olson is the founder of Sandalfeet Ministries, an author, blogger, Bible study teacher, and podcast host of The Depot Podcast with Erin Olson on the Charisma Podcast Network. She is a wife, mother of three, and a friend to many.

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