FEAR is WORSE than ‘OMICRON’ – by Andrew Strom

There are numerous places in the Bible where the Lord says, “Do
not fear” or “Fear not!” This is one of those times.

I notice that the usual fearmongers (especially in the UK) are now
out in force making dire predictions over the Omicron variant. To
be sure, there is going to be a massive spike in infections. No
doubt about that. But every piece of data out of South Africa is
telling us that this is a very mild disease – more like the common
cold or mild flu than anything else. I have seen many interviews
with doctors and medical experts in South Africa – and they all
say the same thing. Overall this thing is very mild.

There are a lot of people in the media and politics who literally
make their living these days by provoking FEAR in people. If you
make people fearful, you can get them to click breathlessly on
every news item you put out. You can get them to give up their
freedoms in ways never dreamed of before. And you can sell
truckloads of medical products (whether truly great or not).
Everyone is making out like a bandit over this – especially the
elites. And it is all driven by FEAR.

This week there was a huge spike in cases in South Africa.
“RECORD NUMBERS,” say the headlines. Meanwhile, there
are very few deaths (almost none). And a very small percentage
even needing oxygen or anything like it. Omicron has all the
hallmarks of a BLESSING – not a curse. Everyone will be
exposed to it and everyone will get the benefit of immunity –
while suffering very mild symptoms for a couple of days.

That is it. That is what the panic is all about.

And so I say to you, my friends, “Fear not!” Keep your
Vitamin D levels up, relax with your family, have a great
holiday season, and a happy New Year. This thing is almost
over. The surreal nightmare is coming to an end.

And to my friends in South Africa, I say, “See you in 2022.”

Special blessings to all,

Andrew Strom.

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