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Low-Cost Things to Help You Relax

Try Your Hand at Massage A quick self-massage can take your stress down a notch or two. (It may also give your immune system a boost.) Stand against a wall and place a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Gently bend your knees to give yourself a back rub. For a neck massage, clasp your hands behind your head and make small, deep circles with your thumbs. To release tension in your face, try rubbing your forehead and jaw with your fingers. Go for Flower Power Fresh-cut blooms, whether from… Read more Low-Cost Things to Help You Relax

Meet Us · James Wilson

Meet Us · James Wilson Songs for the Church Released on 2019-08-30   Meet Us Verse- We dare not move Without You We want You in this place You’re the reason why we’re here No one else will do So touch us We want to see Your face Let Your Holy Spirit move Among us oh God ‘Cause when You’re here Everything around us starts to change Chorus- So we lift up our hands to You Father We’re in need of Your presence As we call on Your name blessed… Read more Meet Us · James Wilson

Eat High-Protein and High-Fiber Snacks If You’re Always Hungry

By Lisa Lillien Updated on April 04, 2020 Courtesy of Getty Images   It’s tough to maintain a healthy weight when you’re always hungry! Read on to discover five foods that’ll fill you up without weighing you down. Pouched Tuna and Other Lean Proteins Lean protein is king when it comes to combating hunger. I try to include protein in every meal and snack. It satisfies my hunger and keeps me from mindlessly munching, and research backs me up. Studies have found that protein makes people feel fuller than other nutrients.1… Read more Eat High-Protein and High-Fiber Snacks If You’re Always Hungry

Cinnamon May Control Blood Sugar to Prevent Diabetes

Fact checked by James Lacy  August 06, 2020 Eskay Lim / EyeEm / Getty Images Key Takeaways A third of a teaspoon of cinnamon a day may improve fasting blood glucose levels and glucose tolerance over time in people with prediabetes. Prediabetes is a precursor to developing type 2 diabetes. Diet and lifestyle changes can slow or reverse its progression. New research shows daily consumption of cinnamon may help control blood sugar in individuals with prediabetes, preventing type 2 diabetes down the road. The data, published in the July issue… Read more Cinnamon May Control Blood Sugar to Prevent Diabetes